Ensuring Safety and Assistance for Parkinson's Patients

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Includes 1 Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser, 1 Smart SOS Emergency Alert Button, 1 MobiCam HDX, 1 Door/Window Sensor, 1 Water Leak Sensor

The MOBI CareGuard Bundle offers a comprehensive solution to address the unique needs of Parkinson's patients, providing peace of mind and enhanced safety for both patients and caregivers. The bundle includes the MOBI Alert Button for Emergency Response, enabling patients to quickly summon help in case of sudden complications or emergencies such as falls or medication issues. With the Comprehensive Monitoring provided by MobiCam HDX, caregivers and healthcare professionals can track patients' movement patterns, gait, and balance, facilitating early symptom detection and intervention. Medication Management & Remote Monitoring with MOBI Pill dispensers ensures adherence to complex medication regimens, with real-time monitoring capabilities to track treatment compliance. The bundle also features the Comprehensive Safety Solution of MOBI Door/window sensors, which monitor safety and prevent falls by alerting caregivers to unexpected door or window openings. Additionally, the Enhanced Home Safety provided by MOBI water leak sensors further safeguards patients from accidents by promptly detecting leaks and alerting caregivers for swift action. With the MOBI CareGuard Bundle, Parkinson's patients can enjoy enhanced safety and assistance, improving their overall quality of life.

Key Features

  • MOBI Alert Button for Emergency Response: Parkinson's patients may experience sudden complications or emergencies, such as falls, medication issues, or a sudden worsening of symptoms. The MOBI emergency alert button allows them to quickly summon help in such situations.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring with MobiCam HDX: MobiCam HDX offers thorough Parkinson's patient monitoring, tracking movement patterns, gait, and balance for insights into mobility changes. Remote monitoring allows caregivers and healthcare professionals to observe behaviors, aiding in symptom detection. Equipped with intelligent motion detection, MobiCam ensures timely assistance when needed.
  • Medication Management & Remote Monitoring: Parkinson's disease often necessitates complex medication regimens, demanding precise timing. MOBI Pill dispensers ensure patients adhere to prescriptions, minimizing missed doses and errors. They also offer remote monitoring, enabling caregivers to track adherence in real-time, providing crucial insights into treatment compliance and health status.
  • Comprehensive Safety Solution: The MOBI Door/window sensor assists Parkinson's patients by monitoring safety and preventing falls. Installed on entry points, it tracks movements to ensure safety and prevent dangers. Additionally, the sensor promptly alerts caregivers if a door or window unexpectedly opens, signaling potential falls or attempts to leave unassisted, enabling timely assistance and enhancing safety.
  • Enhanced Home Safety: Parkinson's patients, with mobility issues, face slipping risks at home. MOBI water leak sensor prevent accidents by detecting leaks. Also, the sensor alert caregivers promptly, ensuring swift action for enhanced home safety.--All these devices can be remotely controlled and monitored with a single app (MOBI Smart App).