MOBI Connect Deluxe Special Needs & Elderly Caregiver Safety Support Pack

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This kit contains 2 SOS Emergency Life Alert Buttons, 1 WiFi Hub, 2 Door/Window Sensors, 2 Smart LED Lightbulbs, 2 Water Leak Sensors, 1 Video Doorbell Camera, 2 MobiCam HDX Monitoring Cameras

This Mobi Connect bundle comes with 2 SOS Emergency Alert Buttons, 1 Wi-Fi Smart Hub, 2 Door and Window Sensors, 2 SMART LED Light Bulbs and 1 HDX Camera. This connected home safety kit is designed for keeping a close eye on your home, providing peace of mind with convenient access to alerts and live monitoring in areas of your home. Together, these items offer a comprehensive and convenient solution for home security, safety, and automation. They provide real-time monitoring and alerts, improve energy efficiency, and allow remote control of various home aspects for maximum comfort and peace of mind.

Key Features

2 SOS Emergency Buttons: These buttons can be installed in easy-to-access locations around your home. In the case of an emergency, pressing one of these buttons would immediately alert local authorities or a designated contact, providing peace of mind, especially for the elderly or disabled persons. 1 Hub: The hub acts as the central device that connects and manages all other devices in the kit. It allows you to monitor and control all your devices from a single location, which can be extremely convenient.


2 Door/Window Sensors: These sensors can detect when a door or window has been opened, providing additional security by alerting you if there's a break-in attempt. They can also be used to notify you if a door or window is left open unintentionally.


2 LED Color Light Bulbs: These LED bulbs are energy-efficient and come with customizable colors. They can be used for various purposes like setting the mood, signaling specific events (like a door opening), or even simulating occupancy when you're away. 2 Water Leak Sensors: These sensors can be placed in areas where there's a risk of water leakage, such as under sinks, near washing machines, or water heaters. If a leak is detected, you will be alerted, preventing potential water damage and expensive repairs.


1 Video Doorbell Camera: This provides you with the ability to see and communicate with anyone who rings your doorbell, even when you're not home. It adds an extra layer of security by allowing you to verify the identity of visitors and monitor package deliveries.


2 HDX Cameras: These cameras can be strategically placed inside or outside your home to provide surveillance. They can deter intruders and record any suspicious activity. The footage can be crucial evidence in case of incidents.