2022 Nursery Monitor Buying Guide

2022 Nursery Monitor Buying Guide - MOBI USA

Nursery Monitor Buying Guide: Must-Have Features


When you have a baby, everything changes. One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is deciding on a nursery monitor. There are so many different features and options to consider it can be challenging to know where to start! 
This blog post will cover key features such as affordability and accessibility. We will also talk about a few technical features you should look for when purchasing a nursery monitor. 
Is Nursery Monitoring Important?
First, you may be wondering why nursery monitoring is so important. Do you really need to spend a ton of money on a pricey monitor that your baby is going to outgrow? The answer is a resounding... no! 


Do you need a nursery monitor? Yes! You absolutely want to have a monitor that allows you to view your baby when napping or sleeping. Keeping your baby safe is your top priority and having a nursery monitoring system helps you do precisely this!
You do not, however, have to spend a fortune on a baby monitor, which is one of the first features you should look for in a nursery monitor is:
Affordability — Many costly baby monitors on the market label themselves 'luxury' or even claim to be affordable. But let's be honest, a baby monitors that costs $100 is absolutely not cost-friendly for the average consumer. $100 is even the lower end of what you may find when you go looking for a monitor! While you absolutely should not pay this much for a nursery monitor, you also want to ensure that you don't purchase a low-cost, low-quality monitor.
High-Quality — The last thing you want to do is think you are getting a good deal on a nursery monitor, only to find out the low price was due to low quality. Before deciding on a monitor, the first step you should take is reading the reviews. Is the company willingly showing you how many stars their products have on their website? Were you forced to go elsewhere to find product reviews because the company doesn't display product ratings? If you find a cheap monitor with no available reviews, turn, and run! 


You want to look for a company with an excellent star rating, honest reviews, and a price that won't break your budget!
Expandable — As mentioned previously, it can be hard to convince yourself to make a purchase you know will only last you a few years, if that. That's why finding a nursery monitor that can work within a home monitoring setup is essential. If you buy a monitor that you can integrate into a complete system as your family grows and your needs change, then you've made your money go even further! That's why the next on our list is so important. 
Check out our Best Buy baby monitor, which allows you to expand with up to 100 other monitoring devices.
Smart App Accessible — To purchase a nursery monitor and then expand upon it with other smart monitoring devices such as window and door sensors or smart plugs, to name a few, you'll want to buy a camera that can be used through a Smart App.
Using a smart app also means you have access to view your nursery monitor, no matter where you are, something a traditional monitoring system doesn't offer. If you have to leave your baby in the care of another to return to work or run errands, you can check in on them whenever you want! 
Now that you know what key features to look for let's talk about some of the technical features you may want in a nursery monitor.
High-Quality Vision of Daytime and Nighttime — Gone are the days of grainy, wonky images that flicker and freeze. Before purchasing a new monitor, look for one that lists High or HD quality as a specification, as well as powerful night vision! After all, in the beginning, you will probably be viewing your little one in a dark environment during naps and bedtime, so quality night vision is a must.
Two-way Audio — A monitor with two-way audio is great for multiple reasons. First, you want to quickly communicate with a caregiver who is looking after your baby. Maybe they aren't next to their phone, but if they are with your baby where the monitor is, you can quickly speak with them.

Second, we previously talked about how having a nursery monitor that can eventually expand into a home monitoring system makes you want that two-way communication even more. Perhaps, once your baby is done using the monitor, you will decide to use it for an aging parent or relative. Having that two-way communication feature will come in handy. 


Viewing & Recording — While it's nice to be able to check in on your little one at any time, it's even better to have the option to go back and view anything you may have missed. But do baby monitors record? 

Yes, some of them do, and having one that does is a valuable feature if you ever find yourself wondering 'what happened? Trust us, when you have a baby or child, you'll be wishing you knew how they got out of their crib, or how they are now pancaked in baby powder, after all, you only walked away for a second, and they were asleep! 
Being able to go back into your smart device and see exactly what happened will help you prevent it from happening again and probably save you time on baby clean up!
We hope that our features guide helps you find a nursery monitor that is reliable, affordable, and flexible. 
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