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Otoscope with Wireless Video Camera & APP Control

The MOBI Otoscope is an innovative tool that allows you to examine your ear, nose and throat to help self diagnose any issues you or your family may be experiencing.

Benefits of Using the MOBI Connect App

One App Controls All Products

With the MOBI Connect App you can control all of your MOBI devices from one central location

Free To Download

The MOBI Connect software is free to download and free to use works anywhere you have your devices connected

Video Subscriptions

Upgrade your video content storage and watch and playback any of your video content plans start at just $6 per month


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The MOBI Connect line was designed to help care for the elderly, monitor your pets throughout the day, check in on your
house for water leaks or break-ins, and more. One app controls the entire network of affordable products.

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The MOBI SOS Emergency Alert Button is easy to use and quick to setup. Add an optional subscription to enable Emergency Alert Services.

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Smart Wi-Fi Otoscope

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Fever Track

Reliability and Accuracy
The DualScan FeverTrack Digital Thermometer offers all the features, accuracy, and reliability you would expect from MOBI.

DualScan Ultra Pulse Ear & Forehead Thermometer

The DualScan Ultra Pulse Talking Ear & Forehead Thermometer is so much more than a conventional health thermometer with voice read-outs in 3 languages, a built-in 15 sec. fingertip pulse / heart rate monitor and a flashlight 

DualScan Prime Forehead & Ear Thermometer

Ear and forehead temperature reading - measure temperature via forehead and ear (for all ages). one thermometer for everyone! Health savings Account or HSA Eligible

MOBI Digital Non-Contact

The Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer offers an intrusive-free ability to check the temperature of your loved ones in 1 second without touching them. It allows you to have a fast and accurate reading without the possibility of spreading germs and disturbing them while they are resting.

Smart DualScan Ear & Forehead Bluetooth Thermometer

With both ear and forehead reading methods and a bright color-changing fever indicator, the compact DualScan Bluetooth Thermometer is perfect for at-home temperature readings. Easily Switch between adult and infant modes for more accurate results. 

Smart Wireless Wi-Fi

Allows you to easily view your inner ear, nose, and throat in High Definition. Record, Track, Sync, and share HD images & videos with family and healthcare professionals to help diagnose illness or injury.MOBI’s free app enables you to monitor & track your health in one place, using MOBI’s wide range of integrated health monitoring products.

Smart Fingertip Bluetooth Pulse

With the MOBI Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, you can connect to the MOBI App, monitor trends, and share readings with family or healthcare providers. It shows blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and pulse strength with the waveform. Results display in 10 seconds with a OLED high-resolution color display for a clear visual graph.

Smart Emergency Alert

The MOBI Smart Caregiver Support Monitoring System & Alert Button offers a simple and sophisticated solution for independent living for elderly parents, relatives, recovering patients, and those with special needs. Utilizing the latest technology including cameras and sensors for the entire home, our system keeps loved ones connected and safe.

MOBI Smart Wi-Fi Water Leak
Alert Sensor

The MOBI Smart Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor can immediately alert you of water leaks via push notifications to one or more persons simultaneously as well as sound and light notification on the device itself. Helps prevent water damage to your property from unnoticed leaks, broken pipes or other liquid spills and save on major repairs and expenses.

Pill Dispenser

The MOBI Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser is an innovative device designed to help users manage their medication regimen. With a large capacity of 28 slots, each capable of holding up to 35 tablets, this smart pill organizer ensures you never miss a dose. The device automatically detects when medication has been taken and features a large LCD screen for easy visibility.

Scale and BMI Calculator

Stay on top of your health with the MOBI Digital Total Body Composition Scale! With the ability to measure and track 13 essential body measurements including BMI, Body Fat, Water Content, Muscle, Calorie (KCAL), Bone Mass, Body Score, Fat-Free Body Weight, Visceral Fat (Grade), Protein, Body Type, and Metabolic Age. This scale provides a comprehensive overview of your health. 

MOBI CAM - Multipurpose Monitoring System

Monitor and stay connected from any location. An advanced secure wireless connection prevents any unauthorized access. MobiCam offers powerful night vision, two-way audio with playback of your recordings. This powerful Video Monitor comes with excellent two-way audio that allows parents to communicate, monitor, and connect remotely to their loved ones from any location.

MobiCam HDX Pan & Tilt
Monitoring Camera

MobiCam HDX, with vivid HD video quality, two-way audio, live streaming, instant alerts, and many more smart features, makess it the best system for monitoring your home, office, or vacation properties. The MobiCam line of smart monitoring cameras lets you watch over what is most important to you from every angle, day or night.

MOBI Smart Wi-Fi 15-AMP
AC Power Plug

Experience the ability to set, control, monitor, and automate your home from anywhere with MOBI Connected Home Solutions Smart Wi-Fi Plug. Control devices, set up scenes, or automation with any of your home devices. Set timers, room entrance settings, and so much more. Controlled within the MOBI Smart App for settings right at your fingertips.

MOBI Smart Wi-Fi Door and
Window Sensor

Connected Home SolutionMOBI Smart Door & Window Sensor brings peace of mind by alerting you with an alarm and notification anytime a door or window has been opened, closed, or tampered with. MOBI’s Wi-Fi Door & Window Sensor allows anyone to easily monitor the status of doors and windows from anywhere, receive Open / Close alerts.

MOBI Smart Wi-Fi LED Color
Light Bulb

The MOBI Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb allows customizing the lighting for your smart home a breeze. Choose between white light, amber light, and everything in between.Easily turn your home into a smart home with MOBI Connected Home Solutions. Use the MOBI Smart App to set scenes and automation. Turn your lights on/off and change their colors quickly and easily from within the MOBI Smart App.

MOBI Health Wrist Blood
Pressure Monitor

Tracking Made Easy​ - MOBI’s blood pressure cuff lets you check your cardiovascular health anytime. Monitor your blood pressure for precise readings.Simple Setup​ - Setting up your wrist cuff is convenient and straightforward. A one-touch setup allows for hassle-free blood pressure monitoring anytime.LCD Display​ - A significant and readable LCD screen shows systolic, diastolic, and pulse information. 

MOBI Health Arm Blood
Pressure Monitor

The MOBI Health Series Arm Blood Pressure is lightweight, portable, convenient and simple allowing users to be able to check their blood pressure on the go. The MOBI Health Series Arm Blood Pressure monitor has a 120-memory capacity with date and time stamp. Hypertension indicator alerts if your blood reading ever exceeds internationally recognized guidelines for normal blood pressure measurements. 

One App Controls Everything

The MOBI Smart App is ready to control all of your connected devices. Download from either Google Play or the iOS App Store today and start monitoring your health. 


I simply Love my new Mobi Thermometer. Makes my life as a parent so much easier. When kiddos are sick, I just want things that work and are easy. The fever light turns red to indicate a temperature and I spring into action.  

Beatrice Klein

My grandma stays at home with me, when I'm at work she can tell me if something is wrong or she simply needs me to check in on her. The Mobi SOS alert button has helped give me peace of mind. 

Lynette Wells

I decided to try another of Mobi's great products the ear camera or otoscope however you say it! LOL, I can check inside my ears and make sure they are really clean. My sister used it on her boys to help diagnose an ear infection. 

Lynette Wells