5 Excellent Tips For New Parents This Baby Safety Month

by Bold Commerce on Feb 14, 2022

5 Excellent Tips For New Parents This Baby Safety Month - MOBI USA

If you have a little one in the house, every month is Baby Safety Month – because nothing is more important than maintaining the health, safety and security of your family. At MOBI, we offer consumers wifi baby monitors and digital health thermometers that help you keep everyone in your household on the right track.


In 1983, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) created Baby Safety Month to draw attention to the many potential safety concerns that deserve the attention of families. The current push is on several aspects of child safety, including car seats, hidden hazards in the home and the world at large, the importance of quality supervision and more.


MOBI is proud that our two MobiCam wifi baby monitors and our DualScan PRIME digital medical thermometer are available at Walmart this Baby Safety Month – and every month. The right tools and devices make your job as a parent easier and more effective.


New Parent Tips For Baby Safety Month


As a new parent, it seems there’s always something to do. Everything in the world is a potential hazard for you and your family. But you can mitigate risks and reduce hazards by taking the right actions. Here are 5 specific safety tips that may help you:


Ensure your car seat is installed correctly. The best way to do this is to have the installation done by a certified child passenger seat technician at a car seat check popup event in your area. If you can’t find an event coming up right away, it’s important that you read all safety instructions and follow them carefully. Some car dealers or baby products stores may be able to help ensure you’re installing the seat correctly as well.


Remember to go for a firm mattress and a fitted sheet. And that’s all that should be in your baby’s crib. To prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – a mysterious event that can’t be predicted – take all blankets, toys and other potential suffocation hazards from the crib when you put your baby down to sleep. On cold nights, consider a product called a sleep sack for ultimate comfort without risks. If you put your child to sleep in a separate room from your own, make sure you have a video baby monitor that can see in the dark so you can check in without creating a disturbance.


Keep baby furniture away from windows. While a baby might benefit from some fresh air, your baby is safer when you keep his or her crib and other furniture on which the baby can climb away from windows to prevent falls. You also need to make sure your child sleeps away from window shade cords and strings as well as electrical cords to prevent choking and strangulation, which can happen silently when you’re not looking.


Keep your water heater at 120 degrees or below. Sometimes, water heaters are set at 140 degrees or higher, but setting it at 120 degrees or less ensures that the water never gets hot enough to seriously injure your child – yet that setting is high enough for washing hands, dishes and clothes. You should also never place your child in a bath that hasn’t been tested for proper temperature. The easiest way to test is with a digital health thermometer like the MOBI DualScan PRIME thermometer that can test bathwater as well as food, milk and room temperature.


Be sure you have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Both of these devices or combo devices should be installed on each level of your home and inside sleeping areas – or as recommended by the manufacturer and your local fire department. These important safeguards don’t just protect your baby but protect the whole family from death or injury. But remember that these alarms don’t do any good if you don’t test them to make sure they’re working. Replace older wired electric alarms with battery-powered units for protection when the power is off too.


When you keep these 5 pieces of safety advice in mind and take action as necessary, you’re going a long way toward ensuring the safety of your baby, which is your primary job as a parent. You can’t protect your child from every potential hazard, but you can take smart actions toward a whole and healthy family.


At MOBI, we’re committed to your family, and we hope you’re committed to our wifi baby monitors and digital health thermometers as well as the other products at Walmart designed for a safe and happy home.



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