Camera Choices Determine the Best Wifi Monitor Placement

Camera Choices Determine the Best Wifi Monitor Placement - MOBI USA

The brand and model of your WiFi baby monitor is important to consider when deciding where you’ll be placing the device. The features of a monitoring camera are also something to consider when determining what you are trying to view, whether it’d be your baby sleeping in the crib, sitter, or the family room.


When you select the MobiCam HDX HD WiFi Pan & Tilt Monitoring System, you have more leeway. That’s because the pan, tilt and zoom features mean you can re-center the image and then take a close look at whatever concerns or interests you. This WiFi monitor has a range of useful features, including these:

  • Easy access to the feed from your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Secure video encryption that locks out unauthorized users
  • Two-way audio for listening in and talking back
  • Ability to see up to 40 feet in the dark
  • 1280x720 HD resolution
  • Ability to authorize up to 15 others to see the feed
  • 120-degree tilt and 355-degree pan for the most complete view
  • Possibility of creating a system of up to 16 cameras
  • And more.


Wifi Baby Monitor Placement Advice


As with any WiFi baby monitor, placement is crucial to getting the best image from your MobiCam HDX. Here are a few pieces of advice that will make it easier to place your device in just the right position:


Avoid Mounting to the Crib. This is essential advice – you don’t want the device to get into the hands of your little one. Avoid a disappointing and limited view by choosing a location other than the crib for mounting your WiFi baby monitor.


Camera Distance. Concerned parenting gurus sometimes recommend placing video baby monitors at least several feet from the crib to avoid radiation risks. Today’s modern WiFi baby monitors like the MobiCam HDX comply with strict safety guidelines and governmental regulations. Still, placing a camera with a zoom feature at a distance makes sense –sometimes you want to see the whole picture of who’s in the room and what everyone is doing rather than just your child’s precious face.


Think About the Angle. Perfect placement of your WiFi baby monitor depends on many factors, but you need an unobstructed view in all cases. In many situations, your best bet is to place the device up high. That means you may want to mount it near the top of the room – at least 7 to 8 feet high – or place it on top of a tall bookcase. When you move furnishings, reconsider placement to make sure it still meets your needs.


Consider Multiple Cameras. Having multiple cameras helps ensure that you can always see what you want to see. This is especially important if those who watch your child while you’re away sometimes put the baby down to sleep in a room other than the nursery. Multiple cameras also mean you can find the babysitter more easily if he or she is out of the room. The MobiCam HDX can be used as part of a system of up to 16 cameras.


Other Pieces of Advice


While not related to placement, we have a couple of other pieces of advice about having a WiFi home monitoring system in your home.


First, you might want to consider letting anyone who may enter your home about the cameras. This includes friends with keys or grandparents, for example. While some may hassle you about invading their privacy or taking too many precautions, remember that it’s your home and your family – and your responsibility to protect them. Making sure everyone knows about the cameras helps prevent some embarrassing situations too.


Second, don’t forget about the security of your feed. While the MobiCam HDX WiFi monitor has built-in encryption and is designed with security in mind, anything that passes through your home WiFi network is only as secure as its firewall, passwords and other security measures. Do everything you can to keep unauthorized users out of your home network. There’s much more than your video baby monitor feed at stake.


When you select, place and use one or more WiFi baby monitors smartly, you get unmatched peace of mind. And for a parent, there’s not much that’s more important than that.

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