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Home Safety & Fall Prevention Checklist - MOBI USA

Safety in the Home Checklist: For Elderly and Disabled Caregivers

Ensuring that your loved ones are safe at home is a top priority in your life. However, it can feel overwhelming to try to make sure every inch of their homes is optimized to keep them safe.


We’ve designed a safety in the home checklist with print-friendly formats that will work for anyone looking for a solution to in-home safety. This is a great aid to use as an elderly fall prevention checklist, or for anyone who needs to improve the safety of their home. Completing the steps of this safety checklist can help prevent falls, fires, and other hazards.


• Curtains are not at risk of falling onto burners
• Floors are not treated with a high-gloss protectant
• There is adequate lighting for food-safe preparation
• Clearly label oven controls and ensure they work correctly
• Pilot light is in working order with an automatic cut-off on gas ranges
• Essentials are in reaching distance and step stools aren’t used
• Potholders are kept within arm’s reach of the oven
• Have a fire extinguisher easily available


              • Non-slip mats inside and outside of showers and tubs
              • Install handrails near the tub, shower, and toilet
              • Floors are not treated with high-gloss protectant
              • Outward opening bathroom door
              • Adequate non-glare lighting
              • Shower doors are made of plastic or safety glass
              • Toilet seat is safely for ease of sitting and standing
              • Outlets are grounded


                  • Use a nightlight to keep walking areas visible
                  • A flashlight or lamp is within reach of the bed
                  • A nightstand is close to the bed and is sufficiently sized
                  • There is clear walking space around the bed
                  • Any fall risk furniture such as dressers are attached to the wall
                  • There is a sturdy chair for sitting and getting dressed

                    Living Room

                    • Use seat raisers for low couches and chairs
                    • Ensure all furniture is sturdy and if necessary, attached to the wall
                    • The power switch is located near the entrance
                    • Cords and wires are out of the way
                    • There is a clear path with adequate space to move through with a walker or wheelchair

                       Hallways & Stairs

                      • Stairs have adequate lighting
                      • Install non-skid strips on uncarpeted stairs
                      • Carpeted stairs are free of rips and snags
                      • Install secure safety rails and ramps
                      • Light switches at the top and bottom of stairs
                      • Cords and wires are out of the way
                      • Repair any cracks or problems with stairs
                      • Doors do not open over the stairs
                      • Use nightlights to keep hallways lit


                      Outside Spaces

                      • Install safety rails by stairs
                      • Install wheelchair ramps where necessary
                      • Ensure that steps, walkways, and driveways are free of cracks
                      • Make sure all outdoor spaces have adequate lighting
                      • Garages are ventilated with easy to open doors
                      • Lifted areas such as porches, should be enclosed by railings, banisters, etc.
                      • Install a video doorbell to monitor who is at the door before answering

                      Additional Safety

                      • Windows securely lock and are easy to open from inside
                      • Windows and Doors are equipped with sensors
                      • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the home work
                      • Install home monitoring cameras and make sure they are unobscured
                      • Medications are clearly labeled by days of the week and am or pm
                      • Use a Support Monitoring System with emergency alert
                      • Ensure all appliances are in working order
                      • Door handles use levers instead of round knobs
                      • Water heaters are set at 120 degrees F to avoid scalds


                        Download our free checklist in PDF version or PNG version, and help make your loved ones homes a safer space for them to live!


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