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MobiCam Multi-Purpose Monitoring Camera — Features to Love

The MobiCam Multi-Purpose Monitoring camera allows you to communicate with, listen to, and keep an eye on your loved ones from anywhere. The MobiCam was created with flexibility for family caregivers of babies, children, the elderly, and those with disabilities.  

Features of the MobiCam Multi-Purpose Monitoring Camera

The MobiCam Multi-Purpose Monitoring Camera gives caregivers a convenient way to keep an eye on their loved ones day or night. Whether you are caring for a baby, child, elderly or disabled relative, the MobiCam allows your eyes and ears to be there no matter where you are. Check out a couple of the best features the MobiCam has to offer below:

Digital Zoom and HD Video 

With MobiCam's combined digital zoom and HD video, you can clearly see your loved ones, whether close to the camera or across the room. 

Night Vision

With MobiCam's night vision mode, you can keep an eye on your loved ones even in the dark. This is perfect for keeping an eye on a sleeping baby or ensuring that your elderly relative sleeps peacefully at night.

Two-Way Audio

The MobiCam also has two-way audio, which means you can not only see and hear your loved ones, but they can also hear and chat back. This is a fantastic method to stay in touch with them when you're not together. 

Motion Sensors Send Alerts Directly to MOBI Smart App

With motion detection, you never have to miss a thing. If your loved one moves within the camera's site, you'll receive an automatic alert directly to the MOBI Smart App. Motion detection is the perfect way to be alerted to your baby waking up or your loved one entering or leaving a room. 

Secure Video Encryption for Multiple Users

The MobiCam is more secure than typical cameras. A Secure Video Encryption limits who has access to the video feed from your camera. You can rest assured knowing only those with given permission can access your monitoring system.

Expandable System

You can easily enhance your home monitoring system with the MOBI Smart App to meet the needs of your growing family. MOBI's smart home devices can be installed, automated, and configured to communicate everywhere there is a compatible Wi-Fi connection. To keep an eye on your aging parents, you can put up a camera in their home to monitor their well-being and one in your home to keep an eye on an older child after-school.


Additionally, you can use MOBI Smart App to add additional cameras, sensors, and more, such as a video doorbell, for multi-room and location monitoring.


Learn how you can expand your home monitoring with MOBI's sensors, camera monitoring, video doorbell, and more. All MOBI products can be integrated through the MOBI smart app.


Reach out to us today on Facebook or email us at We are happy to answer any questions you have on how home and health monitoring can assist you in your day-to-day life. 

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