Preventing Falls in the Home [Infographic]

Preventing Falls in the Home [Infographic] - MOBI USA

Fall Prevention Do's & Don'ts - Protecting Your Loved Ones 

More than eight million people visited the emergency room in 2017 due to falls. Falls are also the primary cause of injuries among older adults, and those with disabilities. Falls frequently result in brain damage, hip fractures, paralysis, and even death.


Many fall risks are found in our own homes. A few simple improvements can significantly increase the chance of preventing falls in older adults and those with disabilities.


So how can you prevent falls in the home? Take a look at our Preventing Falls in the Home Do's and Don'ts to find out!


Fall Prevention - Do's and Don'ts Infographic

Preventing Falls in the Home Do’s & Don’ts

How can you prevent falls in the bedroom?

Don't: Leave rooms pitch black at night

Don't: Have loose unattached furniture

Do: Secure furniture with wall mounting

Do: Keep a light close to the bed

How can you prevent falls in the bathroom?

Don't: Use high gloss floor cleaners

Do: Install grab bars near toilets, showers, and tubs

Do: Use nonslip mats inside and outside of the tub

Do: Raise the toilet seat to add stability

How can you prevent falls on the stairs and in the hallway?

Don't: Leave steps uncarpeted

Do: Install anti-slip strips

Do: Install lights running along the stairs

Do: Fix any broken steps

How can you prevent falls in the living room?

Don't: Leave wires and clutter on the floor

Do: Remove excess furniture

Do: Use seat & cushion risers for low chairs

Do: Keep rugs clear of pathways

How can you prevent falls in the kitchen? 

Don't: Use stools to access items

Do: Keep necessities easily seen and at arm’s reach


Preventing falls in the home requires a small amount of effort, and the safety of your loved ones is more than worth it. Unfortunately, even with the best efforts put in place to prevent falls in the home, they may still happen.


Investing in a reliable support monitoring system can help mitigate injuries from these falls. At the push of a button, help will be on the way, saving precious moments in the event of an emergency.


Keeping your loved ones safe from falls can lead to fewer injuries and provide valuable peace of mind.


MOBI offers home and health monitoring solutions that make life easier. These solutions include sensors, camera monitoring, fall detection alert systems, and more. All MOBI products can be integrated through the MOBI smart app and grow with your family. 


Reach out to us today on Facebook or email us at We are happy to answer any questions you have on how home and health monitoring can assist you in your day to day life. 

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