Use Science And Your MobiCam Pet Monitor To Soothe Your Pet – From Wherever You Are

Use Science And Your MobiCam Pet Monitor To Soothe Your Pet  From Wherever You Are - MOBI USA

Using sound for soothing pets is big business – but why? A quick glance at just about any music source online shows a wide array of playlists and CDs for calming pets with nature sounds, music and other carefully chosen noises. Hyperactive dogs seem to be a particular target, and some sounds have been shown to have a positive impact on cats and other companion animals as well.


But why are there so many companies trying to get in on this trend? That’s a simple answer: Science and experience prove that soothing pets with sound really works. That’s why the revamped MobiCam PET app now includes a selection of nature sounds and white noise.


Even better, the app is free – and it works with both MobiCam pet monitor models. You can play music from your smart phone app through the speakers on your Wi-Fi monitor for pets without the need for any additional device. And you can do it from the next room, across the street or anywhere you happen to be in the world.


Brains Respond To Soothing Sounds


There has been extensive research into how sounds – and in particular, music – impact the human brain. For animals, there’s less research, and most of it is on dogs. But there’s still clear scientific evidence and lots of experience that shows clearly what a positive effect the right sounds can have.


Studies in dogs and other companion animals have shown that some sounds and some types of music have a beneficial effect on mood and behavior. Bad moods can be changed into good ones when the right sounds are played.


One often-quoted study was conducted by Dr. Lori R. Kogen, a professor at Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine. Published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, it looked at 117 dogs in shelters and how they responded to classical and heavy metal music. The study found that certain classical melodies had a calming effect while some metal music, perhaps unsurprisingly, agitated. Other studies found that so-called easy listening music also has a positive impact on animal moods.


It’s accepted that the level of cortisol – the stress hormone in humans and many animals – is lowered by some sounds. It is also known that parts of the limbic system responsible for emotion as well as the auditory cortex are involved.


The impact, vets believe, isn’t just psychological. It happens physiologically in the body and involves the autonomic system – the system that controls the fight-or-flight response. Dogs exposed to certain sounds have lower heart rates, rest better and vocalize less.


Try Different Sounds To Improve Your Results


Whether you’re playing sounds to your pet through your Wi-Fi pet monitor, another device or performing them in person, don’t get stuck only on sounds that you like. You’ll find that trying several different sounds will make it more likely that you’ll stumble upon something appealing your animal.


Researchers believe that multiple factors are involved in calming an animal, including tone, rhythm, speed and more. And not all animals respond in exactly the same way. Plus, whether you like a sound or not isn’t a factor in whether it will have a calming impact on your pet – unfortunately.


That’s why the new version of the MobiCam PET app includes an array of nature sounds and white noise. Additional research indicates that white noise can cover other undesirable noises and provide a consistent baseline sound that makes sleeping easier and deeper.


A high-quality speaker is included in both the ultra-affordable MobiCam Multipurpose Monitoring System and the feature-rich MobiCam HDX with pan and tilt capabilities. These cameras have other useful features too, including two-way audio that allows you to speak through the speaker and listen to whether your voice has had a positive impact. Cameras can even see up to 40 feet in the dark, allowing you to watch as your companion animals fall asleep – or not.


When our animals are stressed or simply unsettled, we can feel the stress as well. With a MobiCam device and the MobiCam PET app, you can decrease your pet’s stress, reduce separation anxiety and make it easier for everyone when you have to be away. And this remarkable ability is in addition to the main purpose of the unit, making sure your pet is always safe.

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