Why One Baby Video Monitor Is Great, and Two Are Even Better

Why One Baby Video Monitor Is Great, and Two Are Even Better - MOBI USA

Well, you can expand to much more than just two cameras with a MobiCam when needed. But for starters a video & audio monitor can be a powerful tool for parents always wanting a close-up coverage of their little ones or whole room surveillance of the entire nursery. With that said, parents can empower themselves even further by having two or more video monitors, allowing them full coverage of their home from anywhere. One excellent feature is the MOBI Smart App allows you to watch 4 cameras at the same time no matter where the cameras are located, same house or multiple locations from anywhere! 

Affordable and Advanced 

While there are plenty of video monitors and brands out there, you will have a challenging time finding a video monitor with the quality, technology, and affordability of a MobiCam. You can simply place it on your furniture near your baby's crib or mount it in the corner or on a wall to get a bird's eye view of everything, you have a lot of installation flexibility with a MobiCam. You get a noticeably clear picture even in the dark with its built-in automatic night vision of up to 40 ft. so you can see or record the entire room. While some video monitor devices can cost upwards of $50 per unit, the 2-Pak MobiCam Multi-Purpose with a ground-breaking video/audio monitor for only $59.99. 

Cover Every Angle 

Having 2 cameras can grant parents eyes on two places at once. Having one in the baby's nursery and another in a frequently accessed room, such as a kitchen or a living room, allows parents coverage in the most critical places. Additionally, securing a nursery with MobiCam stationed in different angles can provide a better visual range, including potential blind spots. Point one at the door with motion sensor activated and get notification each time someone enters or exits. 

Stay Notified at All Times 

Motion Alert notifications in different rooms will let you know if your baby or babysitter is moving around, and more specifically, when movement is happening or where it should not be. These notifications are perfect if you want to track room activity while you are not there such as your bedroom etc. With the motion detection activated it will send you an alert to let you know if someone is in a room or area they are not supposed to be. It also can automatically record unauthorized access for later viewing. 

Easily set up across different homes. 

You can have one MobiCam set up in your home and one set up in your parents' or in-laws' house to have eyes on your baby during a visit or babysitting hours. And when no longer babysitting, the homeowners can unplug the MobiCam and wait to plug back in once it's time to babysit again. 

Other Uses for A Wi-Fi Baby Monitor 

As your child gets older, your MobiCam baby monitor can continue to work for you and be expanded with other add-ons. You can repurpose the device to: 

- Watch pets when you're away at work or on a trip 

- Assist in the care of an elderly relative 

- Keep an eye on the weather by aiming it out a window 

- Monitor who comes and goes through your front or back door 

- And so much more. 

Once you discover the convenience of 24/7 visual monitoring, you'll find plenty of ways to use two or more Wi-Fi video baby monitors for years to come. Luckily, the MOBI Smart App can add up to 100+ Video Monitors, allowing you to cover every single inch of your home. 

About The Affordable MobiCam Multi-Purpose multi-pack 

Get started in baby monitoring and home surveillance with MobiCam video baby monitors. Experience 1080p full HD feeds with Quad View through MOBI's advanced app on your smartphone. A value-priced two-pack is available exclusively at Walmart. 

The cameras also feature night vision, two-way audio, motion alerts, three ways to record, and more. 

The MobiCam connects to a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network and is a very affordable and simple to setup solution for in-home and baby monitoring that can grow with your family for other uses as babies grow older. Combine these cameras with additional devices throughout the home and use them all through one app. For example you can add additional cameras, door and window sensors, smart plugs, and more for a completely innovative home system that you can control from anywhere. 

Babies bring responsibilities, and Wi-Fi video baby monitors help you meet part of your parenting obligation easier and better than ever before. Do not miss the chance to experience every moment as your child grows up – with multiple views from multiple cameras through a single app. 

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