MOBI Presents MobiCam HDX, Delights Customers With Budget-Friendly Prices

MOBI Presents MobiCam HDX, Delights Customers With Budget-Friendly Prices - MOBI USA

MOBI's MobiCam HDX brings affordable home monitoring to an all-new level.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MOBI Technologies Inc., an award-winning U.S.-based smart home health and technologies brand, has once again astonished the public by allowing customers to purchase their MobiCam HDX Pan & Tilt Monitoring Camera for an MSRP of only $44.99. The MobiCam HDX provides parents with a fast and reliable way to check in on their kids, even when they are on the go. The MobiCam HDX is the perfect home monitoring addition for any size family. MOBI offers an expansive range of smart home products, including window and door sensors, a video doorbell, smart plugs, and a vast range of other innovative technology. MOBI's varied selection of smart home technology makes it effortless for users to expand their home security to meet their growing family's ever-changing needs. 


Affordable High-Quality Video Monitoring


With kids returning to school and many adults to in-person work, MOBI realized the need for consumer-friendly priced home monitoring. The MobiCam HDX provides users with 24/7 clear HD video access and two-way audio communication with loved ones through the free MOBI Smart App. Intelligent motion alerts and notifications offer parents and caregivers of elderly relatives peace of mind.


Full Coverage Monitoring


MobiCam HDX offers 360° digital tilt, pan, and Digital Zoom that users easily control through the MOBI Smart App. For even more extensive coverage, users can view up to 4 MobiCams, all on the same screen, by utilizing the quad view function on the MOBI Smart App.


A Home Security System That Grows With Families


The MOBI Smart App allows users to easily expand their home monitoring system to fit the needs of their families. MOBI's Smart home devices can be installed, automated, and set to interface anywhere with a compatible Wi-Fi connection throughout multiple locations. This collaborative interaction may allow one family to keep a camera in their home to supervise their child after school while simultaneously having a camera set up in their elderly parent's home to monitor their safety. A family with multiple children may need to set up and view multiple cameras to oversee everyone's movements throughout the home.


With the MOBI Smart App, users can integrate over 100 MOBI devices that work harmoniously together for an additional level of home monitoring and safety. Users can pair MobiCam HDX with Mobi's video doorbell for indoor and outdoor video monitoring. Parents looking to improve the safety of their nursery can purchase the Smart Nursery Monitoring Kit, which includes a MobiCam HDX, Door & Window Sensors, and Smart LED lights.


MobiCam HDX Pan & Tilt Monitoring System Features Include:


  1. Voice prompt instructions for fast and easy setup
  2. Secure video access for multiple authorized users
  3. No subscription is required when recording using a MicroSD card
  4. Optional use of a memory card allows for up to 30 days of Recording & Playback
  5. Continuous, motion, and manual recording options
  6. View up to 4 cameras simultaneously 
  7. Expandable with over 100 cameras and MOBI smart home products
  8. Smooth HD Video and Audio w/ Offline & Online recording
  9. MobiCam's powerful IR-Cut night vision lens allows for up to 40ft of perfect night vision in complete darkness.
  10. 360° Pan, Tilt, and 2X Digital Zoom via MobiCam App.
  11. Monitor and stay connected on the go using MOBI Smart App
  12. Motion alerts and notifications keep users informed
  13. Secure video encryption for up to 100+ authorized users
  14. Two-way audio for easy back and forth communication


"At MOBI, we understand that parents and caregivers have been over-stressed and overworked for some time now. With many families still transitioning to in-person work and class, we realized that time, energy, and resources are already running low. There is a need in today's economy for affordable home monitoring that works for users and with varying family dynamics. That's why we provide high-quality products, without the overinflated price tags of our competitors. The safety and satisfaction of our customers has and will remain our top priority," -said MOBI President and CEO David Naghi.


With an ever-growing line of affordable, high-quality Smart Home products, MOBI is leading the way to a future where home security is accessible to everyone.


The MobiCam HDX is available for an MSRP of $44.99 via


About MOBI Technologies, Inc.


MOBI Technologies Inc. is a consumer health and home electronics brand committed to elevating the consumer experience around digital living and wellness monitoring for all ages. Through intuitive, easy-to-use solutions and Home Health Tech kits, MOBI inspires smart living while catering to comfort when you need to manage and monitor vitals.


Find all of MOBI's home health technology products at and get smart about home monitoring.


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