MOBI Rolls Out Affordable Smart Medical Alert Button

MOBI Rolls Out Affordable Smart Medical Alert Button - MOBI USA

With Expandability of up to 100+ Devices and an Easy-to-Use Help Button, the New MOBI Support Monitoring System is the Latest Addition to MOBI's Affordable Line of Senior Health Monitoring Products


Seniorize™ loved ones' homes with the MOBI Smart Home Monitoring System. This 24/7 response system brings peace of mind to friends, family, and caregivers


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MOBI Technologies Inc., a leading U.S. consumer health and home electronics brand, revealed their new MOBI Caregiver Support Monitoring System is now available through and Developed to support aging in place and independent living, MOBI's medical alert device is sophisticated yet simple to use. With local free monitoring and optional 24/7 professional monitoring, caregivers of the elderly or disabled can breathe easier knowing their loved ones have help at hand.


Almost 70% of individuals turning 65 today will need some type of support and long-term care service throughout their remaining years. With this number in mind, providing loved ones with independence at an affordable price-point is what MOBI accomplished with their new Support Monitoring System.


Created with a compact wireless design, the MOBI Support Monitoring System can be carried as a Medical Alert Necklace or mounted to any surface. With one press of the easy-to-use help button, designated caregivers near or far are instantly notified through the MOBI app. From there, caregivers can easily decide the next steps of care. If necessary, emergency services can be promptly dispatched by a support professional. 


MOBI Support Monitoring System key features and benefits include:

  1. Easy-to-setup Help Button and Smart Wi-Fi Hub
  2. Supports individuals who want to age in place or have more independence
  3. A compact wireless design that allows for easy wearing, carrying, or mounting
  4. Smart Alert notifications are sent through secure digital devices to listed contacts via the MOBI Smart App when the help button is pressed
  5. Free local monitoring between individuals and multiple caregivers/family members
  6. Optional 24/7 professional monitoring service at an affordable monthly or annual price.
  7. Expandable options for comprehensive in-home smart monitoring


The MOBI Support Monitoring System is part of MOBI's Home Wellness Collection for Seniors. Together with products such as the MOBI blood pressure monitorfingertip pulse oximeter, and digital non-contact thermometer, seniors can maintain their health and independence. MOBI aims to reduce the burden and stress of overseeing loved ones who are living independently at home. The MOBI Smart App allows for a broader smart monitoring system with the MOBI video doorbellcamerassensors, and multiple buttons to provide caregivers additional peace of mind.


"Most people want to remain in their homes as long as they can during life's transitional ages and stages. Today's technologies allow us to grant that wish by assuring help is simply a tap away. We design independent-living devices to help Seniorize™ home environments, giving older individuals a new lease on grace, dignity, and autonomy while caregivers and family members gain a sometimes much-needed break, and less guilt and worry knowing they have a smart system in place that can assist everyone in multiple ways. Paired with MOBI's optional camera equipped with two-way audio plus door/window sensors, families can broaden their monitoring and comfort levels by also having eyes, ears, and voice on the scene effortlessly to make sure their relatives/clients are okay." - said David Naghi, CEO and President of MOBI Technologies, Inc.


The MOBI Caregiver Support Monitoring System goes above and beyond what similar products offer by allowing caretakers access to a history of alerts, updates, and critical information such as medications, allergies, medical conditions, and doctors. All of this vital information is housed conveniently within one easy-to-access secure location. With this information on hand, designated contacts can quickly find everything they need when an alert occurs. 


"Our Caregiver Support Monitoring System for Seniors is a good first step toward Seniorizing™ one's home. We design independent-living 'at home' devices that can be accessed through our easy-to-use MOBI Plus app – allowing relatives and caregivers to more easily tend to seniors or anyone needing extra care and comfort."


Get the MOBI Caregiver Support Monitoring System now available at at an MSRP of $99.99. It is also available through and Optional Professional 24/7 monitoring is available for $4.99 per month billed annually or $6.99 per month billed monthly. 


Visit to view the entire line of smart home innovations.


About MOBI


MOBI Technologies Inc. is a consumer health and home electronics brand committed to elevating the consumer experience around digital living and wellness monitoring for all ages. Through intuitive, easy-to-use solutions and Home Health Tech kits, MOBI inspires smart living while catering to comfort when you need to manage and monitor vitals.


Learn about how MOBI can support you and your family with tailored, trusted devices and affordable help monitoring services. Explore more smart home innovations at


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