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Founded in 2003 and based in Los Angeles, CA - we are proud to offer fast, domestic shipping and local, personal customer service. Our products are trusted by dozens of major retailers and thousands of users across the country. Our line of Smart Health & Wellness Technology can all be found in-store and online.

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MOBI Connected

Non-contact, forehead, and ear thermometers with memory recall and one second read time. Arm and wrist blood pressure monitors with verbal read outs and large LED displays.

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Whole home + health alerts

Smart Alerts

Set up a smart nursery, pet-cam, elderly care camera, or home security system with MOBI two-way talk wifi monitors. Night vision, motion alerts, and remote accessibility with mobile phones.

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Water Leak System

Water leak detection, door and window sensors, smart plugs, and LED lightbulbs that can be interconnected and automated to form a smart home system.

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