The MOBI Home Clinic is your all-inclusive suite of products, specifically designed to streamline home care for your loved ones, enhancing efficiency while offering significant savings.

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SOS Emergency Alert Button

Smart WiFi Otoscope

Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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How does a complete home alert system reduce a caregiver’s stress?

How Can You Benefit From The MOBI Health Clinic?

The MOBI Caregiver Support Monitoring System goes above and beyond what similar products offer by allowing you to access a history of alerts, updates, and critical information such as medications, allergies, medical conditions, and doctors. All of this vital information is housed conveniently within one easy-to-access secure location. With this information, you and other chosen contacts can quickly find everything you need when an alert occurs. 

Save Money & Time With
The MOBI Home Clinic

Makes caregiving more manageable, gives caregivers time to live their lives, keeps their elderly loved ones safe, and makes it easy for multiple caregivers to monitor their loved ones. All for an affordable price.

Monitor Loved Ones Anywhere

It makes caregiving from afar easy and offers valuable peace of mind. When you have an elderly parent, keeping them safe is often on your mind, especially if you can't be with them all the time or live far away from them. The MOBI Smart Monitoring system will alert you immediately to any emergencies or falls that occur, making it one step easier to keep your loved ones safe.

Response Time

It reduces injuries and significantly minimizes response time of emergency personnel


Get notified when a scheduled event has not triggered or has not taken place


Can monitor and record caregivers to reduce elderly and infant abuse

Two-Way Audio

Provides a simple two-way visual communication inside the home

Live Updates

Know the moment someone has a fall or receive signals when a loved one is having an anxiety attack  


Monitor and get alerted of a home invasion

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SOS Emergency Alert Button

Smart Wi-Fi Otoscope

Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Smart Wi-Fi Pill Dispenser

Total Body Composition Scale

Smart Dualscan Thermometer

Smart Bluetooth Oximeter

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Making The Home Clinic A Seamless Part Of Your Everyday Health Routine

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An Interview with Dr. Carlos Augusto Curet (Ph.D.), an Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Specialist and Research Scientist: Exploring the Benefits and Significance of MOBI Home Clinic and How These Devices Can Help Individuals to Improve Their Life.