Digital Health Thermometers: Really Useful Advice And Shopping Tips

Digital Health Thermometers: Really Useful Advice And Shopping Tips - MOBI USA

When you think that you or someone you care about is sick, one of the first things you need to do is check for a fever. You need to accurately determine if the body temperature is elevated – and how high it is. Running a slight temperature for 2 or 3 days probably means it’s time to talk to a doctor. A temperature of 103 or 104 means immediate action is necessary. High temperatures can even cause seizures in small children.


We don’t give health advice (you’ll need to see a medical practitioner for that), but we can help you choose the right thermometer for staying on top of the health of you and your family. From infrared health thermometers, to digital stick thermometers, and even old-fashioned models; there are many choices on the market. The best ones are accurate every time, easy to use and have features that add to their usefulness.


Before you make a purchase, consider the type of thermometer you want. While safe, modern choices have largely replaced glass thermometers, there are many design options available. Digital stick and infrared thermometers are the most common. Others include reusable forehead thermometer strips, digital pacifier thermometers and wearable or sticker thermometers for kids.


While digital stick thermometers are the cheapest, an infrared tympanic or non-contact thermometer can be a better choice. Infrared thermometers give readouts in 1 to 3 seconds; less time than any other type of thermometer. Some can be reasonable in price.


An infrared tympanic thermometer takes your temperature inside your ear canal. Children often prefer ear or forehead thermometers to those they have to hold in their mouth. Non-contact thermometers work by holding them an inch or two away from the forehead; which can be ideal for a fussy baby.  


Digital Thermometer Shopping Tips


What should you look for in the digital thermometer you and your family can rely on? Here are some shopping tips that can help you make a smart decision:


Look for features. Some of the features of popular infrared digital health thermometers include the ability to check milk, food and bathwater temp, an ambient room temp reading, a built-in flashlight and auto-shutoff. Make sure the device you select has all the features you want.


Go with a quick response time. In decades past, it took several minutes to get a fever reading, then digital sticks made it possible to get a reading in 10 to 80 seconds. Now, however, the industry standard is an infrared device that gives a readout in as little as a second. When you’re trying to get a reading on a squirming, grumpy child who isn’t feeling well, every second counts.


Think about safety. Removable probe covers can be a hazard for young children, and other accessories may be a concern as well. Remember that if the digital health thermometer you select has small parts, keep those away from children at all times.


Consider getting an extra. Whether for the car, for traveling or for that upstairs bedroom, having an extra thermometer is never a bad idea. If you have a tendency to misplace things, having two can also make it more likely you will have what you need at your fingertips.


MOBI Makes A Smart Pick


To simplify your shopping process, why not go with a trusted MOBI product? The DualScan Health Check Ear & Forehead Digital Thermometer with Medication Reminder is trusted for its accuracy and uses the latest technology. It includes a reminder alarm so you know when it’s time to check again and can read in today’s two most popular ways: at the ear and on the forehead.


Other features include a built-in flashlight to help you avoid disturbing your patient, a bathwater scan feature and the ability to check food and bottle temps as well. An indicator feature also shows when fever is detected.


Additionally, the unit can display room temperature – in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Perhaps the best feature is the speed: Results are available in only 1-3 seconds, no matter whether you check at the ear or on the forehead. Not to mention, there are no dangerous, small parts to worry about.


When you or a member of your family isn’t feeling well, waiting minute after minute for a reading from a glass thermometer isn’t necessary anymore. With the MOBI DualScan Health Check Ear & Forehead Digital Thermometer, you can get accurate results in less than 3 seconds and get peace of mind or the information you need to take action right away.


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