Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Helps Keep BP Monitoring A Private Matter

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Helps Keep BP Monitoring A Private Matter - MOBI USA

Whether you’re at work, visiting relatives or surrounded by strangers you’ll never see again, you may not want to announce the fact that you’re monitoring your blood pressure – and a wrist blood pressure monitor makes it ultra-convenient to take your BP anywhere without having to carry an arm blood pressure cuff with you.


Even though there should be nothing embarrassing about revealing that you’re taking steps to care for your health, your medical conditions and how they stand from moment to moment is a private affair. With a wrist blood pressure machine, you can take a reading discreetly while riding a bus or train, in your office at work or resting in your own home. Even while visiting relatives or at a restaurant with friends, you can excuse yourself to the restroom and get a quick reading with a compact, easy-to-use and fully portable device that will fit in a purse or briefcase – and no one will ever know.


Accurate, Discreet and Easy to Use


The MOBI Health Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is among the most portable and lightweight sphygmomanometers on the market today. Check your BP from anywhere with this feature-rich device that can store up to 120 readings in 2 groups (for 2 different users, perhaps) with a date and time stamp on each reading. An indicator tells you if your readings are above internationally recognized blood pressure guidelines. Using this device is perhaps the most convenient way to quantify your heart health and overall well being anytime you like.


Some specific features and benefits of the MOBI Health Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor include these:

  • One-touch setup and use for speed and convenience
  • Displays pulse along with systolic and diastolic readings
  • Can detect irregular heartbeat
  • Large LCD display that’s easy to read
  • Nearly silent inflation for discreet use
  • Recall of last 120 readings in 2 groups
  • Auto-shutdown that saves battery life
  • And more.


We’ve had reports from users who have taken their blood pressure with this wrist blood pressure monitor at work in the break room or at a conference table while others around never even noticed. That’s how discreet this simple and accurate unit is.


For People and Arms of All Sizes


A sometimes-overlooked benefit of a wrist blood pressure machine is the ability to use it on arms of all sizes. People obviously come in different sizes, but home arm blood pressure monitors are often designed to work on arms of average size. Those with particularly large or small arms may get inaccurate numbers or no reading at all.


With a wrist blood pressure monitor, the cuff fits comfortably around your wrist – and there’s much less variation in wrist sizes, so a cuff that fits a person with a large upper arm will usually fit someone with a very small upper arm.


Tips for BP Reading Accuracy


As with any BP monitor, you can take certain actions to increase the accuracy of the readings you get from your wrist blood pressure monitor. Consider these pieces of advice:

  • Rest your wrist at about heart level if possible. This will result in a better reading than if you hold it in your lap.
  • Get settled. If you can, sit quietly for about 5 minutes before you take a reading. It’s also a good idea to avoid caffeine, smoking or exercise for about 30 minutes before using your BP machine and to not talk during the reading.
  • Visit the restroom first. Studies have shown that your systolic pressure can be lower by 10 to 15 mm Hg when you empty your bladder before using any type of blood pressure monitor.
  • Sit right. Ideal posture for testing blood pressure is sitting with your back straight and completely supported by the chair. Legs should not be crossed and feet should be on the floor.
  • Check on bare skin. Don’t try to use your wrist blood pressure monitor through clothing or over jewelry or other obstructions.
  • Be consistent with times. Readings taken at the same time each day and in the same conditions should be about the same.
  • Average your readings. A somewhat higher or lower reading is possible for many reasons, so consider taking 2 or 3 readings and averaging them for the most accurate picture of your health.


As always, follow your doctor’s advice about when and how often to test. With good medical advice and the MOBI Health Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, you can keep a watch on your health quickly, conveniently and easily – so you can get the most from life.


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