Give The Gift of A Wifi Home Monitoring Camera 3-Pack For Peace Of Mind This Holiday Season

Give The Gift of A Wifi Home Monitoring Camera 3-Pack For Peace Of Mind This Holiday Season - MOBI USA

For new parents, no gift is more thoughtful than the MobiCam HDX 3-pack, available at a special bundle price this holiday season at Sam’s Club. Even if you aren’t sure whether the recipient already has a Wi-Fi baby monitor, anyone would be pleased to receive a feature-rich MobiCam HDX camera – and they’ll be thrilled to get a trio of them.


But MobiCam home monitoring cameras aren’t just for parents.


The MobiCam HDX 3-pack  is a complete 3-camera Wi-Fi home monitoring system that’s easy to set up, allows for quick remote viewing through an Android or iOS device and has a range of features. Your lucky recipient can take advantage of the motion detection alerts when out of the house to know when there’s unexpected movement, then use the night vision capabilities to see if everything’s OK later in the evening.


Finding gifts for everyone on your list is no easy task. But this 3-pack of wifi home monitoring cameras can be used as a set to form a versatile, affordable and complete home monitoring camera system.


Suggested Camera Placement Ideas

The best part of giving a gift in person can be explaining its usefulness to the recipient. Perhaps the first question a recipient of a MobiCam 3-pack will have is where to place the cameras. Since they connect wirelessly to the home’s wifi network, there are no network cables to worry about. And they can be easily moved. But with a little thought, you and the recipient may be able to find the perfect location on the first try.


Remember, the 3-pack features MobiCam HDX cameras with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, so each camera can be remotely adjusted to see a variety of angles.


Here are a few suggested camera placement ideas:


In the nursery.

If your recipient will be using one of the MobiCam devices as a Wi-Fi baby monitor, the first device should be placed high on the wall in the nursery. It doesn’t need to be too high – just above the heads of the people who will be in the room. For the best view, it shouldn’t be above the crib but placed where it can see the crib from a slight angle. If there’s a high shelf in the nursery, this is ideal. The top of a tall bookcase or storage cabinet can be perfect too.


In the living room.

To see the faces of people in the room – for two-way conversation using the Wi-Fi home monitoring camera at home and your smart phone on the road, for example – it may be a good idea to place the camera near the television. On top of the home entertainment center might work best. If possible, arrange placement so that the front door is also visible, then you can see who’s coming and going for maximum benefit as a security camera and motion detector.


In the kitchen.

When people choose not to gather in the living room, they’re often in the kitchen. The backdoor may come through the kitchen too. Placing a Wi-Fi baby monitor that’s doubling as a home monitoring system on top of the refrigerator might be the right choice. There are usually plenty of other options for kitchen placement too.


In the garage.

There may not be much to see in the garage – or there might be. It depends on the family. The garage or workshop could be where certain members of the family are most likely to be. For home security purposes, it’s the largest entryway into most homes and one that can be easy to compromise by smart thieves.


Need to see the yard? Place one or more of the cameras where it can see out a window.


Give The Features And The Brand People Respect


While MobiCam home monitoring cameras  are available individually or in 3-packs, the brand’s smart phone app can show users up to 16 cameras on a single system – and 4 views can be seen at once, making it easy to quickly check to make sure everything at home or at any other location you or your recipient chooses is just as it should be.


MOBI has nearly 20 years experience in well-designed consumer products and is an industry leader in Wi-Fi baby monitors and home monitoring cameras. Features of the MobiCam HDX are based on years of consumer research, testing and comments and include full pan and tilt capabilities, 2x digital zoom and more.


When you choose to give the MobiCam HDX 3-pack from Sam’s Club, you’re selecting a feature-rich product from a respected brand and purchasing through one of the nation’s most respected retailers. What could be better?

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