Top 10 Reasons To Dump Your Old Thermometer

Top 10 Reasons To Dump Your Old Thermometer - MOBI USA

If the health thermometer you have is more than a few years ago, you can do better. While it may still be doing an adequate job of judging whether you and your family have a fever, you can get an ear and forehead thermometer that’s more accurate, easier and quicker to use and that has more features.


Maybe you don’t think much about thermometers, but like every appliance or device in your home, it needs to work well to meet your needs. And as with most things, digital thermometer technology has moved forward significantly in recent years.


Here are 10 smart reasons to dump your old health thermometer and get a new one:


1. They’re more accurate now. Plus, your new thermometer will be factory-fresh, so it won’t be damaged from age, use and being thrown around from one cabinet to another.

2. They’re quicker than ever. Today’s digital thermometers can register in just one second – if you choose the right model. And when you’re feeling bad or trying to get a reading for a squirming child, every second counts.

3. They’re easier to use. With modern ear and forehead thermometers, there are no covers to deal with and nothing else you have to buy. Most work at the press of a button.

4. Readouts are bigger. Manufacturers have listened to consumers and made readouts bolder and easier to read. There’s no more worrying about trying to read the small display before it goes dark.

5. A memory function is available. It can be hard to keep track of whether a fever is going up and down over time when there are so many other numbers in your life. But some MOBI thermometers include a memory function.

6. You can get a medication reminder now. Not available in the past, some digital thermometers now include a medication reminder so you don’t forget a crucial dose of fever-reducing medicine.

7. Today’s flashlight feature can help everyone sleep. MOBI thermometers offer an exclusive flashlight feature that allows you to check for a fever without turning on the lights and waking up the patient or the rest of the household.

8. You can check the doctor-recommended way. Older thermometers took readings by mouth, under the arm or in the anus, but today’s digital thermometers allow for ear or forehead readings, which are recommended by doctors now.

9. Methods are easier now. The ear method is very easy, and the forehead method is even easier. A quick swipe across the forehead is all that’s needed to check your temperature or your child’s.

10. You deserve the best. Digital thermometers have improved through the years, and you and your family deserve the best when it comes to your health. Don’t settle for an outdated device that’s been sitting around for years.


A digital ear and forehead thermometer is an important but often-overlooked part of your home’s first aid kit or medicine cabinet. Something as simple as an animal scratch or a mildly sore throat can quickly lead to infection or serious illness in some cases. But when there’s no fever, there’s usually nothing to worry about. How will you determine how serious your illness or injury is if you can’t get an accurate temperature reading?


The DualScan Prime Ear & Forehead thermometer offers accuracy and reliability you would expect from MOBI, including an additional Food and Milk Bottle mode. With target-specific reading methods and a bright, easy-to-read backlit display, the compact DualScan Prime meets your family’s needs perfectly.


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