DualScan Health Check Ear & Forehead Thermometer with Medication Reminder Alarm

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The DualScan Health Check Ear & Forehead thermometer offers all the features, accuracy, and reliability you would expect from MOBI, including an additional food and milk bottle mode.

The DualScan Health Check Ear & Forehead thermometer offers all the features, accuracy, and reliability you would expect from MOBI, including an additional food and milk bottle mode. Medication reminder alarm and with target-specific reading methods and a bright, easy-to-read backlit display, the compact modern design perfectly meets your family’s needs.

This non-invasive thermometer is perfect for forehead readings and carries a removable probe cap to maintain a clean Ear Probe for fast and accurate ear readings! This carefully-crafted thermometer is ideal for adults, teens, and children of all ages because of its simplicity. It can serve as a forehead thermometer with a single scan and then transform into an ear thermometer by simply removing the Hygenic Ear Cover Protective Probe! This item is HSA eligible! This MOBI product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

Key Features
  • ACCURATE READINGS IN 1 SECOND - Quick and efficient temperature measurement. This is especially beneficial in situations where time is of the essence, such as when monitoring the temperature of a restless child & checking the temperature of a patient in a healthcare setting. The fast response time allows for prompt temperature readings, reducing discomfort and minimizing the time needed for temperature assessment.
  • FOOD & LIQUID READINGS - Avoiding overcooking or overheating, in addition, to food safety, thermometers that measure food temperature help prevent overcooking or overheating. By monitoring the temperature of food, water, liquids - users can accurately determine when to remove food from heat sources. Measure water temperature are valuable for various applications, monitoring the temperature of hot water for bathing, preparing formula for infants, brewing coffee or tea.

  • MEDICATION REMINDER ALARM - Improved medication adherence. Thermometers with built-in medication reminders help users stay on track with their medication schedules. They provide timely alerts and reminders, ensuring that individuals take their medications as prescribed. This feature is especially useful for people with chronic conditions or complex medication regimens, as it minimizes the risk of missed or skipped doses.

  • DIAGNOSTIC FEVER INDICATOR - Quick and intuitive fever detection: The color fever indicator lights provide a quick and intuitive way to detect fever. Typically, these indicators use a color-coded system where different colors represent different temperature ranges. For example, green may indicate a normal temperature, yellow may suggest a mild fever, and red may signal a high fever. By simply glancing at the color displayed, users can easily determine if a fever is present, allowing for prompt action or medical attention if necessary.

  • MEMORY RECALL OF 19 READINGS - Tracking temperature trends: The ability to recall previous thermometer readings allows users to track temperature trends over time. This is particularly valuable when monitoring illnesses or tracking recovery progress. Users can compare current readings with past ones to identify patterns, changes, or fluctuations in body temperature. This information can help individuals and healthcare professionals make more informed decisions about treatments, interventions, or when to seek medical advice.

  • AUTO SHUTDOWN - Extended battery life: The automatic shutdown feature helps conserve battery power by turning off the thermometer when not in use. This is particularly useful in situations where the thermometer may be accidentally left on or forgotten, draining the battery unnecessarily. By automatically shutting down after a period of inactivity, the thermometer preserves battery life, ensuring that it is ready for use when needed and reducing the frequency of battery replacements.