MOBI Connect Plus Special Needs & Elderly Caregiver Safety Support Pack

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This kit consists of 2 SOS Emergency Buttons, 1 WiFi Hub, 1 MobiCam HDX Monitoring Camera

MOBI Connect Safety Plus Caregiver Support Monitoring System & Alert Button offers a simple and sophisticated solution for independent living for elderly parents, relatives, recovering patients, and those with special needs. Utilizing the latest technology including cameras and sensors for the entire home, our system keeps loved ones connected and safe from the comfort of their homes. With our 24/7 monitoring and easy-to-use SOS Help button, caregivers can be alerted with just one click, whether they are near or far. Part of the “MOBI Connect” growing line of Health & Wellness Collection, our system helps reduce costs, anxiety, and stress for those checking and caring for loved ones while promoting autonomy and dignity. When the Help Button is pressed, notifications can be sent instantly to caregivers, family members, or to a Professional 24/7 Monitoring Service (if subscribed). Our system is flexible and expandable, allowing for additional Alert Buttons, cameras, or smart sensors in multiple locations to adapt to changing needs. With MOBI’s free app, loved ones can be monitored and information from other “MOBI Connect” devices can be accessed all in one place.

Combing this our monitoring camera offers enhanced functionality with the ability to view your room and check on a loved one, pet, baby, elderly or disabled loved ones. With the included two-way audio, you can speak to them to let them know that you are there for them.

Key Features
  • Smart Wi-Fi Caregiver Support Monitoring System & Alert Button - Helps elderly parents, relatives, recovering patients or those with special needs to independent living with the latest technology including cameras and sensors for the entire home that keeps them connected from the comfort of their homes. The SOS Help button can be carried or placed in different areas of the house for convenience in case of any need for help or emergencies big or small.
  • MobiCam HDX Smart Nursery Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera - Monitor your Baby and indoor home environments effortlessly 24/7 using the MOBI Smart App to remotely control, correspond, and record in every direction with the option to zoom, all at top notch camera quality. The MobiCam HDX Pan & Tilt Wi Fi Camera offers 355 Pan & 120 Tilt control from anywhere so you can see the entire room, powerful night vision and two way audio with playback of your recordings. Users can watch up to 16 cameras simultaneously and with Scheduled Motion Detection Settings to prevent unnecessary.
  • Expandable system - Provides a range of benefits through the integration of additional cameras and other devices. By adding more cameras to your setup, you can extend the coverage of your surveillance network, ensuring that every corner of your property is monitored and secure. Whether it's monitoring different rooms, outdoor areas, or multiple entrances, the expandable system allows you to customize your security solution to fit your specific needs.
  • MOBI SMART APP - offers benefits such as comprehensive monitoring, simplified data management, remote monitoring and control, personalized health tracking, and integration with smart devices and services. With its diverse features and functionalities, the app empowers users to monitor and manage their home and health in a more convenient, efficient, and personalized manner.