MobiCam PRO Intelligent Nursery Monitoring System

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Monitor your loved ones and home environments effortlessly 24/7 - using the MOBI Smart App to remotely control, correspond, and record in every direction – with the option to zoom, all at Full HD camera quality. Our new integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensor is designed to help you keep an extra eye on your loved ones’ environment. The MobiCam PRO Wi-Fi Camera offers Full HD 355°Pan, & 120°Tilt with a 110°Field of View from anywhere so you can see the entire room with powerful color night vision and two-way audio & playback of your recordings. Users can watch up to 16 cameras simultaneously and with Scheduled Motion & Sound Detection Settings to prevent unnecessary alerts. Program multiple camera angles and positions allow you to automatically see specific room locations. The system is flexible and expandable with additional cameras and sensors to ‘grow with you’ as more monitoring is needed during life’s ages and stages. MOBI’s products inspire today's parents and caregivers to have control and maintain connections with their loved ones from anywhere in the world with other “MOBI” devices all in one app!

About this item

  • FULL HD WITH PAN & TILT - Experience exceptional baby monitoring with our Full HD baby monitor. Effortlessly view the entire room with 355° Pan and 120° Tilt, ensuring you never miss a moment. The wide 110° Field of View guarantees comprehensive coverage, giving you peace of mind. Enjoy crystal-clear video quality and flexibility to monitor your loved ones & any room, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • COLOR NIGHT VISION & INTEGRATED TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY SENSOR - Experience enhanced monitoring with our home & baby monitor's color night vision, providing clear visuals up to 40 ft in total darkness. The integrated temperature and humidity sensor ensures optimal conditions for your loved ones' health and safety. Stay connected and aware, day or night, with color night vision and real-time monitoring of your loved ones' environment. Rest easy knowing you can provide the best possible care for your little one and your home security.
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO & EXPANDABLE CAMERA SYSTEM - Stay connected with your little one using our home monitor's two-way audio feature, providing reassurance and closeness. Expand your camera system to monitor up to 16 rooms effortlessly, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your growing family. Experience peace of mind and joy with our home monitor's two-way audio and expandable cameras.
  • MOTION TRACKING & PRE-SET CAMERA LOCATIONS - Experience intelligent monitoring with our versatile home & love ones monitor. The camera intelligently follows movement, keeping you aware of any activity. Easily switch between pre-set camera locations, providing a comprehensive view of any space. Stay connected and in control, effortlessly monitoring any room. Enjoy peace of mind and security with our motion tracking and pre-set camera locations.
  • BABY CRYING DETECTION & 10 LULLABIES - If you are using it for baby monitoring, experience ultimate convenience with our advanced baby monitor. It automatically alerts you when your baby cries, allowing prompt response. Soothe your little one with 10 pre-loaded lullabies, creating a calm atmosphere. Provide timely care and comfort, ensuring their well-being and uninterrupted sleep. Enjoy peace of mind with our baby monitor's crying detection and lullaby features.

Full HD Resolution

The MobiCam PRO Baby Monitor Camera has been fully upgraded to 2 million pixels, offering a 1920×1080 resolution. This enhancement provides viewers with a more vivid and immersive viewing experience.

Don't Miss Anything!

The MobiCam PRO provides comprehensive coverage with its 355° pan and 120° tilt features, offering a 110° field of view. This ensures effective monitoring of your baby and surroundings.

Automatic Motion Tracking

Receive instant alerts for any motion detected by your MobiCam PRO camera, equipped with advanced tracking capabilities to monitor activity within its field of view.

Two-way Audio

The MobiCam PRO camera comes with a built-in speaker and microphone, enabling you to communicate with your loved ones.

MobiCam PRO Intelligent Baby MonitorBaby Crying Detection & 10 Lullabies

Get instant alerts for baby cries and soothe with 10 pre-loaded lullabies.

Color Night Vision Reveals Clear Visuals

MobiCam PRO offers color night vision for clear visuals up to 40 ft in total darkness.

SD Card & Cloud Storage

Select between SD card (Micro SD, not included) or cloud storage according to your preference.

Round-the-Clock Recording

Stay actively engaged to ensure you don't miss out on any important events or moments of importance.

Wall Mounting

(1) Twist to detach mount. (2) Screw onto surface. (3) Adjust screws. (4) Reattach camera.