Smart Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor With Adjustable Arm Cuff

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The MOBI Bluetooth Arm Blood Pressure Monitor represents state-of-the-art technology, simplifying the tracking, storage, visualization, and sharing of your blood pressure and pulse rate data. Thanks to its advanced Bluetooth connectivity, this monitor can function as a standalone device or seamlessly sync with your smartphone. This allows you to effortlessly merge your readings, facilitating easy sharing with your healthcare professional for a more comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis.

The MOBI Bluetooth Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is a cutting-edge device that allows you to easily track, save, graph, and share your blood pressure and pulse rate information. With its advanced Bluetooth connectivity, this monitor can be used independently or paired with your smartphone, giving you the ability to sync your readings and share them with your doctor or healthcare provider for a better overview and diagnosis. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the MOBI Blood Pressure Monitor features a one-touch operation and a lightweight and portable design, making it easy to take with you on-the-go. It also features powerful reporting and graphing features that help you understand your data better, as well as internal memory for 99 readings x 2 users. 

When paired with the MOBI Smart App, this device offers additional features such as the ability for multiple users to log their readings and have a unlimited memory reading history for each family member independently, entering comments for each reading, and powerful reporting & graphs for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly trends + Export options. It also works within “MOBI Smart” app to help monitor your health with other “MOBI Connect” Health devices all in one app! It is important to note that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

Key Features
  • ONE-TOUCH AUTOMATIC MONITORING – Mobi Smart Bluetooth Arm Blood Pressure Monitor features an easy one-touch operating offering a user-friendly interface. Clear displays, simple symbols, and intuitive icons contribute to an overall user-friendly experience. The straightforward operation and setup ensure that users can navigate through the monitor's functions easily, view their blood pressure readings, and understand the displayed information without confusion or frustration.
  • SYSTOLIC, DIASTOLIC & PULSE READINGS – Our Blood pressure monitor provides systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings to offer a comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular health. Systolic and diastolic readings represent the pressure in the arteries during the contraction and relaxation phases of the heart, respectively. Pulse readings indicate the heart rate. By measuring all three parameters, these monitors provide a more complete picture of cardiovascular function and allow users to track changes and trends over time.
  • 3.5” EASY TO READ BACKLIT LCD SCREEN - The large and easy-to-read LCD display enhances accessibility for users of all ages and visual abilities. Elderly individuals or those with visual impairments may have difficulty reading small or poorly contrasted displays. By providing a larger and more visible display, blood pressure monitors cater to the needs of these users, ensuring they can independently monitor and understand their blood pressure readings without relying on assistance or additional magnification devices.
  • RECORDS UP TO 99 READINGS PER USER - can record up to 99 readings per user offers benefits such as comprehensive tracking, historical data analysis, individual user profiles, trend recognition and early detection, and easy tracking and sharing with healthcare professionals. This extensive recording capacity enables users to monitor their blood pressure over time, detect trends, and make informed decisions about their cardiovascular health.
  • UNIVERSAL ADULT ARM CUFF - A properly fitting arm cuff is essential for accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements. A universal adult arm cuff is designed to provide a secure and proper fit on most adult arms, ensuring optimal placement and reducing the risk of measurement errors. This accuracy and reliability support more precise monitoring of blood pressure levels, leading to better-informed decisions regarding health management.
  • RECORDS & GRAPH READINGS WITH DATE & TIME STAMP - The feature to record and graph blood pressure readings with date and time stamps allows for comprehensive tracking and analysis of blood pressure trends. Users can review their historical data over time, observing changes in blood pressure patterns and identifying potential triggers or correlations. This comprehensive tracking facilitates a better understanding of individual health trends and empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their blood pressure management.
  • SHARE WITH YOUR DOCTOR - Sharing readings directly with doctors minimizes the risk of errors or misinterpretation. By transmitting the data electronically, users ensure that their blood pressure readings are accurately conveyed to healthcare professionals. This feature reduces the likelihood of transcription errors and promotes reliable communication, leading to more accurate diagnoses and appropriate management of blood pressure conditions.
  • AUTO POWER OFF - Automatic shut down enhances user convenience and provides peace of mind. Users do not have to remember to manually power off the monitor after each use, as the device takes care of it automatically. This feature eliminates the worry of accidentally leaving the monitor on, conserving energy and preventing unnecessary battery drain. Users can rely on the automatic shut down to ensure the monitor is ready for the next use, promoting a hassle-free experience.

Smart Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor with Upper Arm Cuff 8.7"-14.2" Fits Standard to Large Adult Arms Digital BP Machine with LED Backlit Display


Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring

Monitor and manage your cardiac health effortlessly with the MOBI Smart Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor. Track, record, and graph your blood pressure and heartbeat, either standalone or linked to your smartphone for comprehensive analysis. Sync your health data for a complete view of wellness through MOBI's Smart app, effortlessly aggregating information from various MOBI Connect devices. Simplify health management and progress sharing with just a tap.The Smart BP Monitor helps keep track of your blood pressure levels and can be useful for individuals with high blood pressure or at risk of developing it.

Here are some benefits of having a home blood pressure monitor:

  • You can measure your blood pressure anytime, anywhere, without going to a doctor or a pharmacy.
  • You can see how your lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, and stress management, affect your blood pressure.
  • You can detect any changes in your blood pressure that may indicate a health problem and seek medical advice if needed.
  • You can monitor your response to any medication or treatment that you are taking for your blood pressure.
  • You can feel more in control of your health and well-being.

MOBI Smart Bluetooth BP Monitoring

Key Features and Benefits

  • Can be used independently or used with MOBI Smart App for added features
  • One touch operation for easy use and Tracking Irregular Heartbeat Indicator
  • Displays Systolic, Diastolic pressures with Pulse reading and Arrhythmia Indicator
  • Allows multiple users with unlimited memory reading history for each family member independently
  • Add comments, generate robust reports, and visualize trends with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly graphs. Export options available
  • Internal memory for 99 readings x 2 users
  • Lightweight, portable with Adjustable Arm Cuff and Auto power off
  • Batteries Included (4 x AA)

MOBI is based on a simple design philosophy:

Everything we create must be unique, beneficial and feature-rich.

We put excellent innovation, design and technology together to bring smart choices to the marketplace and making your life simpler as well as pleasant.

  • One-touch operation
  • Large Easy Display
  • Daily to Monthly Graphs

What You Receive as Part of the Package !!!

This package includes 1 Smart Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor accompanied by a wide-range cuff suitable for upper arms measuring 8.7 to 14.2 inches (22 to 36 centimeters) in circumference. It also contains 4 AA batteries, an instruction manual, and a convenient Carry Bag for easy portability.


MOBI BP Monitor

Find validated Blood Pressure Monitor either online or in stores, follow usage instructions, and regularly check its accuracy. Easy, affordable, and crucial for accurate readings.


BP Monitor at Home

Utilizing home blood pressure monitors aids in consistent health tracking, empowering individuals to monitor, manage, and understand their cardiovascular well-being effortlessly.


Health Tracking Simplified

Effortlessly measure, record, and track blood pressure using a home BP machine, enabling consistent monitoring and informed health management at home.


BP Classification

The BP values are categorized based on diastolic (DIA) and systolic (SYS) measurements. These ranges define low, normal, prehypertension, and various stages of hypertension.

Enhance health tracking with comments, robust reports, customizable graphs for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly trends, and effortless exporting.


MOBI Smart Blood Pressure Monitor: Transforming Telehealth & Remote Monitoring

The MOBI Smart Blood Pressure Monitor integrates seamlessly into telehealth practices, contributing to the rapidly growing field of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Utilizing technology, this device collects and transmits crucial patient data, including vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, and more. These real-time insights empower healthcare providers to monitor conditions, adjust care plans, and enhance patient outcomes. Smart devices like this offer unparalleled convenience, accuracy, and timeliness, enabling patients to manage their health from home, particularly beneficial for those in remote areas or facing travel challenges. By reducing hospitalizations and enabling swift, informed decisions, this technology not only cuts costs but also shapes a more accessible, efficient, and impactful healthcare landscape. As smart devices evolve, their role in RPM becomes increasingly pivotal, revolutionizing healthcare delivery for greater affordability, convenience, and effectiveness.

How to Best Position the Arm Cuff