Smart BMI Wi-Fi Total Body Composition Scale with 13 Body Measurements

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Elevate your wellness journey with the MOBI Digital Total Body Composition Scale! This innovative scale empowers you to measure and monitor 13 vital body metrics, encompassing BMI, Body Fat, Water Content, Muscle Mass, Caloric Burn (KCAL), Bone Mass, Body Score, Fat-Free Body Weight, Visceral Fat (Grade), Protein Levels, Body Type, and Metabolic Age. It delivers a comprehensive snapshot of your health status.

Stay on top of your health with the MOBI Digital Total Body Composition Scale! With the ability to measure and track 13 essential body measurements including BMI, Body Fat, Water Content, Muscle, Calorie (KCAL), Bone Mass, Body Score, Fat-Free Body Weight, Visceral Fat (Grade), Protein, Body Type, and Metabolic Age. This scale provides a comprehensive overview of your health. Use it independently or connect with the MOBI Smart App for even more insights, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs and trends for up to 10 users. The MOBI app also integrates with other MOBI Connect devices to help monitor all of your vitals in one convenient place. Get motivated and reach your health goals with the MOBI Digital BMI Scale. Please note this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease. 

Key Features
  • INDEPENDENT OR APP USE - The scale's compatibility with or without the Mobi Smart app provides flexibility in tracking and monitoring body weight and BMI. Users can choose to use the scale as a standalone device, simply stepping on it to obtain weight and BMI measurements. This flexibility is beneficial for users who prefer a simple and straightforward approach to monitoring their health metrics.
  • 13 ESSENTIAL BODY MEASUREMENTS - Provides a comprehensive analysis of body composition. Users can obtain insights into various aspects of their physical health, including weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, hydration levels, visceral fat, and more. This comprehensive analysis allows for a more in-depth understanding of overall health and assists in developing targeted strategies for improving or maintaining body composition.
  • DAILY, WEEKLY & MONTHLY GRAPHS - The availability of daily, weekly, and monthly graphs allows users to visually track and observe their progress over time. By graphically displaying BMI measurements over different time intervals, users can easily identify trends, patterns, or fluctuations in their body composition. This visual representation enhances the understanding of progress, highlights positive changes, and helps users stay motivated and focused on their health goals.
  • WI-FI CONNECTION FOR MULTIUSER TRACKING - Wi-Fi connection allows for seamless and automatic synchronization of data from the scale to the Mobi Smart app. Multiple users can easily connect their individual accounts to the scale, and their measurements are instantly and wirelessly transmitted to their respective profiles. This eliminates the need for manual data entry or transferring measurements between devices, saving time and effort.
  • LARGE EASY TO READ LCD DISPLAY - The large LCD display ensures clear visibility and readability of the BMI measurements. Users can easily view their weight, BMI, and other relevant metrics without straining their eyes or needing to squint. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer a more prominent display for effortless reading.
  • AUTO POWER ON/OFF - The auto power on and off function enhances convenience and ease of use. Users do not need to manually turn on the scale before each use or worry about turning it off afterward. Simply stepping on the scale triggers the auto power on feature, providing instant readiness for measurement. Once the measurement is complete, the scale automatically powers off, eliminating the need for additional steps or button presses.
Effortless Functionality in Simple Steps

Easily Connect Your MOBI Smart BMI Scale to the MOBI Smart App

The MOBI Smart Scale, equipped with dual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for easy and flexible setup and usage, automatically measures and enables you to sync and share 18 essential health and body metrics.

Follow our step-by-step video guide to effortlessly synchronize your device with the MOBI Smart App. By following these straightforward instructions, you'll smoothly integrate your device and ensure a hassle-free experience, unlocking its full functionality.