Ear, Nose & Throat Smart Wi-Fi Otoscope With HD Camera

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The MOBI Ear, Nose and Throat Otoscope is the perfect tool to take a peek into your health. View footage on your smartphone with the free MOBI Smart app!

If you're like most people, the first thing you do when your ears start throbbing is to schedule a doctor's appointment. Why do the majority of people do this? Because you know the Doctor has a small device that helps them to better see the problem inside your ear. Doctors use this small instrument called an otoscope to look for swelling, redness, and wax build-up.

MOBI's E.N.T. Smart Wi-Fi Otoscope H.D. Camera can be used from the comfort of your own home, which is an improvement over the typical Doctor's office otoscope. Since 2020, there has been a significant increase in the number of doctors that provide virtual appointments. If you're experiencing ear pain, you can use the MOBI Otoscope to help your Doctor make an informed diagnosis without going to the Doctor's office.

The MOBI Otoscope is easy and comfortable to use. It has a 1080P H.D. camera with six lights for clear viewing. The best part is that you can save photos and videos to your phone or tablet. You can then send these images directly to your Doctor, so they can see what's happening without ever seeing you in person. The MOBI Otoscope is ideal for the whole family because its multi-axis gyro aids in image stabilization, even when used on children or pets. The Otoscope can be used to examine your nose and teeth too. This MOBI product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

Key Features
  • MULTIPLE USES - Discover the convenience and versatility of our cutting-edge otoscope, specifically designed for multiple uses. Experience clear and detailed images of teeth, ears, nose, and throat issues like never before, right from the comfort of your home. Not only does it let you view intricate body parts, but it also enables you to capture images and videos with high precision for better assessment. Invest in our multifunctional otoscope for enhanced healthcare, providing you with critical insights into common ailments such as ear infections, dental problems, sinusitis, and throat infections. This all-in-one otoscope is your comprehensive solution for at-home medical inspections, revolutionizing the way you approach health.
  • CONVENIENT USE - Experience the convenience of our advanced otoscope, designed for integration with your phone or tablet. Instantly transmit, record, and share live images of oral, ear, nose, or throat conditions directly from your device. This otoscope enhances health management, enabling efficient interaction with healthcare professionals. Embrace this innovative way to monitor your health, bringing diagnostic proficiency to your fingertips.

  • MULTI AXIS GYROSCOPE & IP67 WATERPROOF GRADE PROBE TIP - Discover the power of precision with our advanced otoscope, featuring a multi-axis gyroscope for steadiness and an IP67 waterproof grade probe tip for reliability. Ideal for capturing clear images of oral, ear, nose, or throat conditions, this device brings medical-grade accuracy to your fingertips. Whether you're recording, sharing, or live-streaming, trust our otoscope for consistent performance and superior results. The probe is easy to clean with water or alcohol.

  • BUILT-IN RECHARGABLE BATTERY & ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - Experience the convenience of our rechargeable otoscope, equipped with a built-in battery providing over 90 minutes of continuous use. Meticulously ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, this tool is ideal for diagnosing oral, ear, nose, or throat conditions. Its long-lasting power and user-friendly design make it a must-have for anyone seeking efficient, uninterrupted health monitoring. Explore the ease of at-home diagnostics with our reliable otoscope.

  • FAMILY FRIENDLY & FREE SMART APP - Upgrade your family's healthcare with our family-friendly otoscope, designed for easy use by all ages. Paired with the MOBI Smart app, it provides live images and video of oral, ear, nose, and throat conditions, right on your device. The app also allows recording and sharing for efficient health tracking. Embrace smart, simplified health monitoring with our otoscope - the perfect blend of convenience and advanced technology for your family's well-being.

  • ADD-ON TOOLS & 3 SPECULUMS - Experience the versatility of our otoscope, with separately sold add-on tools for specialized diagnostics. Adapt to different health needs with a variety of camera tips and tools, perfect for inspecting oral, ear, nose, and throat conditions. The otoscope also includes 3 reusable ear speculum covers, ensuring cleanliness and durability. Enhance your at-home health monitoring with our customizable otoscope, designed for precision and your convenience.

Product Includes

1 Digital Otoscope

1 User Manual

1 Charging Cable

3 Speculum

MOBI Smart Otoscope: High-Definition Precision for Ear, Nose & Throat Exams


The MOBI Smart Otoscope is a versatile instrument designed for comprehensive examinations of ears, noses, and throats, ideal for both you and your beloved pets. Its high-resolution imaging and video recording directly on your phone aid in diagnosing common medical conditions such as ear infections, sinus-related headaches, mouth ulcers, and even identifying signs of strep throat. This device isn't limited to human health; it extends its utility to your furry friends, simplifying ear examinations for potential issues they may face. With the ability to capture and share visual data, it facilitates collaborative decisions with your medical team or veterinarian. Beyond being a mere cleaning tool, it embodies a proactive approach to healthcare for all members of your household, featuring an integrated MOBI app that supports continuous health monitoring. Whether for your well-being or your pet's, the otoscope ensures a safe, accessible, and user-friendly experience for health assessments in the comfort of your home.

Smooth Functionality in Simple Steps!

Effortlessly Sync Your Otoscope with MOBI Smart App

As a new user, ensuring a smooth connection between your device and the MOBI Smart App is essential for optimal functionality. Follow step-by-step video instructions to effortlessly sync your device. By following these simple steps, you'll seamlessly integrate your device with the MOBI Smart App, ensuring a hassle-free experience and enabling the full functionality of your device.

The MOBI Otoscope addresses ENT issues and is also suitable for domestic pets


Ear Examination Precision

Tailored for accurate ear examinations in humans, providing clear visibility and aiding precise diagnoses for various ear conditions.


Nasal Issue Assessment

Designed to inspect nasal passages effectively, identifying potential issues and enabling prompt medical attention for nasal concerns.


Throat and Oral Examination

Offers detailed views of the throat area, assisting in the identification and assessment of throat conditions for accurate diagnoses and treatment.


For You and Your Fur Babies

Beyond human use, adaptable for veterinary purposes, enabling thorough examinations for better animal healthcare.


Easy Exam, Shared Data & Better Decision

This Smart Otoscope facilitates simple exams, shared data, & smarter decisions

Allows you to easily view your inner ear, nose, and throat in High Definition. Record, Track, Sync, and share HD images & videos with family and healthcare professionals to help diagnose illness or injury.

Seamless Doctor Communication

MOBI Otoscope: Transforming Telehealth & Remote Monitoring

Effortlessly transfer comprehensive health data to your doctor, facilitating discussions enriched with informed insights and detailed information for thorough analysis and personalized care.