DualScan Ultra Pulse Talking Ear & Forehead Thermometer with 10+ Features

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This versatile thermometer includes features like pulse detection, color fever indicators, voice readouts and more.

The MOBI DualScan Ultra Pulse Digital Thermometer is ideal for measuring in-ear and non-contact forehead temperatures. You can effortlessly switch between modes with the push of a button, and the LCD backlight display makes it easy to view day or night. It's also useful for determining the temperature of any room or nursery. Takes temperature readings quickly and simply and is also useful for tracking other health metrics. Simply place your finger on the pulse detection sensor to operate the heart rate monitor.

The Ultra Pulse Thermometer is a one-of-a-kind device with a fever indication, audio reading in seven languages, and a small flashlight. If the user has a 'high temperature,' the Fever Indicator turns red, and if their temperature is within a 'normal' range, it turns green. The flashlight allows users to take temperature readings in the dark without waking others. The MOBI DualScan Thermometer is an excellent device for families with elderly members, children, and anyone in between. You may track numerous user temperatures individually with this thermometer. This MOBI product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

Key Features
  • VERSATILE WITH 10+ FEATURES – Featured packed thermometer that is versatile for multiple types of uses beyond ear & forehead temperature readings. Room temperature, Color Fever Indicators, Time Stamps, Voice readouts in English, Spanish & French. Built-in flashlights, fingertip pulse rate monitor & so much more! Great for baby, kids, adults & seniors as well as room, food, baby bottle, object and liquid temperature!

  • PULSE RATE MONITOR - Incorporating a fingertip pulse rate monitor in a thermometer allows for simultaneous tracking of body temperature and heart rate, enabling comprehensive health monitoring in one device.

  • CURRENT ROOM TEMPERATURE WITH DATE & TIME - offers multi-functional convenience, serving as an all-in-one temperature gauge and clock. This feature allows users to track ambient conditions and time-based changes effectively, aiding in maintaining an optimal environment for health and comfort.
  • EASY TO READ - Easy to take temperature readings and monitor your loved one’s temperature or heart rate with the simple push of a button. LED fever indicators and a bright backlit screen allow for easy reading. Use in the ear or on the forehead to indicate and monitor fever at home
  • BUILT IN FLASHLIGHT - The Ultra Pulse Digital Thermometer comes equipped with a built-in flashlight, allowing you to check your loved one’s temperature while they’re at rest, without disturbing your patient
  • TEMPERATURE VOICE READOUTS - Voice Readings are offered in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. This feature is ideal for patients that may be visually impaired and the elderly. Includes 2 AAA batteries, has an auto shutdown feature and when idle, displays the date and time
  • MEMORY RECALL OF LAST 30 READINGS - Recalling previous thermometer readings allows users to track temperature trends over time. This is particularly valuable when monitoring illnesses or tracking recovery progress. Users can compare current readings with past ones to identify patterns, changes, or fluctuations in body temperature.
  • FINGERTIP HEART RATE MONITOR - Provides users with convenient dual functionality in a single device. Users can easily switch between measuring their body temperature and monitoring their heart rate, eliminating the need for multiple devices and streamlining their health monitoring routine. This versatility offers added convenience, particularly for individuals who need to monitor both parameters regularly.
  • FARENHEIT & CELSIUS MODES - Fahrenheit and Celsius modes offers versatile temperature reading capabilities, accommodating international standards and ensuring a better understanding of temperature in diverse contexts.
  • COLOR LED FEVER INDICATOR - Color LED fever indicator provides an intuitive, visual cue for easy interpretation of temperature readings, aiding quick identification of fever conditions. This feature enhances user convenience and promotes swift health action when required.

MOBI: Safe, Accurate, & Reliable Readings for the Family

All MOBI thermometers are designed to provide fast and accurate temperature readings. These devices display precise readings in just one second and contain additional features to make caring for patients and loved ones easier.


MOBI DualScan Ultra Pulse Thermometer

Serves as a Fever Thermometer & Comprehensive Health Monitor

The Ultra Pulse Thermometer can scan one's temperature and monitor other health conditions. This device uses DualScan technology, which allows it to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable readings.

When the pulse rate mode is utilized in combination with the body thermometer and memory recall, it can effectively monitor fertility treatment cycles.


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Quick & Accurate Results

Utilize a single button for quick temperature scans of a person or object in Fahrenheit or Celsius.


Simple and Easy to Use

No need for technical manuals. All of our thermometers are good to go right out of the box.


Easy-to-Read Displays

Illuminated display shows the time, battery life, and temperature measurements in large digits.