Oral Digital Thermometer with Protective Cover

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The MOBI Digital Health Thermometer offers a quick and uncomplicated method for obtaining precise temperature readings. It allows you to choose the most convenient option, whether it's oral, underarm, or rectal, ensuring ease of use.

Reliability and Accuracy

The MOBI Digital Health Thermometer provides a simple and fast way to accurately take a temperature reading with ease by allowing you to use the method most convenient Oral, Underarm or Rectal. Included protective probe cover provides added hygiene and safety when carrying or storing the thermometer. With accurate results in seconds, it is ideal for use from Infants to Adults.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • TEMPERATURE READING - This MOBI digital health thermometer provides an accurate temperature reading when used orally, under the arm or the rectum. Protective probe cover provides an extra layer of hygiene and sanitary storage
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY - An easy to read temperature displays digitally in 20 seconds or less. Providing you and your family accurate results in seconds
  • MEMORY RECALL - Thermometer records accurate temperature readings and can recall previous recordings to keep track of fluctuating temperatures
  • FARENHEIT AND CELSIUS MODES - Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit at will depending on your personalization preference
  • AUTO POWER OFF - Thermometer turns off automatically so as not to waste battery life or power. Box includes a thermometer, protective probe cap and LR44 AG13 A76 Battery