Blood Pressure Monitor and DualScan FeverTrack Thermometer Bundle

Sale price$ 39.99

Includes 1 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and 1 DualScan FeverTrack thermometer.

Enhance your health routine with the MOBI Health Monitoring System. The Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor offers easy setup and accurate readings, including pulse and arrhythmia detection. Its large LCD display and flexible power options ensure convenience. The DualScan FeverTrack Thermometer provides fast results with features like a reminder alarm and medication tracking. Stay informed with the red & green temperature indicator, and easily share data with healthcare providers using the memory recall feature. Take control of your health with MOBI.

Key Features

  • Quick Setup: Setting up the MOBI Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is simple and convenient. With the one-touch setup, monitor your blood pressure hassle-free anytime.
  • Accurate Measurements: Gain comprehensive insight into your cardiovascular well-being through precise readings encompassing Systolic and Diastolic pressures, Pulse information, and an Arrhythmia Indicator.
  • Light Indicator: The MOBI Upper Arm blood pressure monitor features a hypertension light indicator that provides high blood pressure alerts, monitors pulse rate, and detects irregular heartbeats.
  • DUAL SCAN FEVER TRACKING - DualScan FeverTrack Thermometer includes a reminder alarm, power saving auto shutdown feature & Fahrenheit & Celsius mode. An ideal choice for any adult or child. Fast results appear in only one second!
  • BOTTLE TEMPERATURE READER MODE - Before you give your baby their milk bottle, check with the MOBI DualScan thermometer. Bottle reader mode allows you to ensure that little one’s milk is an optimal temp! Measure food and milk bottle temperature with peace of mind! Great for also measuring food, water, liquid temperature.