MobiCam HDX Smart Pet Pan & Tilt Camera

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The MobiCam HDX is an easy-to-use Pan & Tilt Smart Pet Camera that provides 355° coverage and digital zoom. Monitor your loved ones and indoor home environments effortlessly using the MOBI Smart app to remotely control, correspond, and record in every direction – with the option to zoom, all at top-notch camera quality.

Introducing the MOBI Pet and Baby Monitoring Camera - the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking to stay connected with their furry friends from anywhere, at any time. With its advanced secure wireless connection, you can now have peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and sound. The MOBI Pet Monitoring Camera is equipped with powerful night vision up to 40', and 2-way audio with playback, ensuring you never miss a moment with your beloved pet. What's more, this product is designed to accommodate multiple users, with secure video encryption for up to 15 authorized users, so you can share access with family members and pet sitters, all while maintaining complete security and peace of mind. Easy-to-follow instructions can be accessed via an internal voice prompt, making the MOBI Pet Monitoring Camera incredibly user-friendly. So whether you're at work or on vacation, you can always stay connected to your pet and know they are safe with the MobiCam Pet Monitoring Wi-Fi Camera.

Key Features
  • PAN, TILT & DIGITAL ZOOM - Remote monitoring and interaction: With pan, tilt, and digital zoom features, users can remotely monitor and interact with their pets or babies. Whether at work, traveling, or in another part of the house, users can access the camera feed through a compatible device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The ability to pan, tilt, and zoom remotely enables users to keep an eye on their pets or babies, check on their well-being, and even communicate through two-way audio features. This remote monitoring and interaction foster a sense of connectedness and facilitate responsive caregiving.
  • TWO WAY AUDIO - The two-way audio feature of MOBI’s Remote Camera allows for talkback and listening. Voice prompt instructions offer a fast and easy setup. Three recording modes: motion, manual or continuous
  • RECORD & SHARE - Documentation of events. Recording videos from a monitoring camera allows users to document important events or incidents. Whether it's capturing adorable moments of pets or recording significant milestones of babies, having video footage provides a visual record that can be cherished and revisited later. This allows users to preserve memories, create a timeline of events, and share these moments with friends and family.
  • NIGHT VISION LENS - View perfectly up to 40 feet in total darkness with MobiCam’s powerful IR Cut night vision lens
  • Expandable with 100+ Cameras & Sensors - Comprehensive coverage. Expandable cameras and sensors enable comprehensive coverage of multiple rooms and locations. Users can easily add additional cameras or sensors to monitor different areas of their
  • TWO WAY AUDIO​ - The two-way audio feature of MOBI’s Remote Camera allows for talkback and listening.​ Voice prompt instructions offer a fast and easy setup. Three recording modes: motion, manual or continuous.
  • REMOTE CONNECTION - Monitor and stay connected remotely from any location using MOBI Smart App. You can monitor using MOBI Smart App. Available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store.
  • CAMERA SPECS - Full HD 1280 x 720 video with 30 fps covers 110 degrees. Expandable system with up to 100 additional cameras and other smart devices to allow for multiple rooms and location monitoring
  • NEVER MISS A MOMENT - With an optional memory card, MobiCam can store over 20 days of recording with no subscription required

Required 2.4 GHz WIFI during setup. Please make sure your phone is connected to 2.4GHz WIFI so the device can add easily. Separate SSID for your smart home or temporary pause 5GHz while setting up devices. Alternatively, walkaway from your router a little bit to force your phone switching into 2.4GHz while setting up if you have same SSID