MOBI Smart Wi-Fi 15-AMP AC Power Plug

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Reliability and Accuracy

Experience the ability to set, control, monitor, and automate your home from anywhere with MOBI Connected Home Solutions Smart Wi-Fi Plug. Control devices, set up scenes, or automation with any of your home devices. Set timers, room entrance settings, and so much more. Controlled within the MOBI Smart App for settings right at your fingertips.

MOBI's Smart Wi-Fi Plug makes it possible to control even the not-so-smart devices in your new smart home. Control the power of the plug with the tap of a button.

Power Usage Analytics and Monitoring

Monitor device usage from anywhere using the advanced MOBI Smart App to discover power consumption, daily usage, and identify unnecessary power usage to save hundreds on your monthly electricity bill using advanced scheduling motions!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Smart Plug Allows User To Control Any Device
  • Time Activation of Smart Plug To Power
  • Monitor and Control Attached Device From Any Location
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home Compatible
  • Automate Devices To Activate Scenes
  • Quick Setup Using MOBI Smart App
  • Manual On/Off button with LED Status Indicator
  • MOBI Smart In-APP Power Usage Analytics
  • 4 GHz WIFI ONLY!! Please make sure your phone is connected to 2.4GHz WIFI so the device can add easily. Separate SSID for your smart home or temporary pause 5GHz while setting up devices. Alternatively, walkaway from your router a little bit to force your phone switching into 2.4GHz while setting up if you have same SSID