Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser
Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser
Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser
Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser
Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser

Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser

$ 21.99

Stay at ease with the MOBI Smart Pill/ Medication Dispenser. It features 28 large slots, plus a flashing LED light and a Voice Monitor that alerts you when it is time to take your daily dosage. Through the MOBI App, you can set up to 6 alarms per day and have 4 different alert systems to help you keep track of the dosages that must be taken. With its automatic detection and rotation, you can be sure that you are taking the correct dosage at the correct time. It also includes a key to physically lock the device, so you don’t have to worry about medicine abuse. The tray is replaceable and easy to remove for cleaning.

  • Large text for easy reading
  • Automatic rotation when it is time to take medicine
  • Device settings can be set manually or through the MOBI app
  • Automatic detection to see if medication has been taken
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Compatible with IOS and Android devices



Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser FAQs


Question: What are the benefits of the Smart Pill Dispenser?


Answer:    When paired to the MOBI App it allows users to set up to 6 alarms to keep on track with daily medication regimen. As well as automatically detects and rotates to ensure medication is being taken on time with the right dosage


Question: What MOBI App does the Pill Dispenser pair with?


Answer:    The MOBI Smart App


Question: Where can I purchase a Pill Dispenser?


Answer:    Online or In-store at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Also available online at


Question: How much medication does the Pill Dispenser hold?


Answer:    The Smart Pill Dispenser has 28 slots with the capacity to hold 35 pieces of Aspirin pills


Question: Does it have a lockout so that Pills can't be taken ahead of time?


Answer:    The Smart Pill Dispenser comes with a key to physically lock the device to avoid medication abuse or loss


Question: Do I have to pair to the MOBI App to use this device?


Answer:    No. The Smart Pill Dispenser will operate as designed whether paired to the MOBI Smart App or not


Question: How long do the pills stay available to take?


Answer:    They are available until the next alarm. For example, if you set the alarm to go off every morning at 8, the pills in that slot will remain available until the next morning at 8. If you set the alarm to go off every few hours, then you would need to empty that slot/take the pills before the next alarm, or the wheel will move and you won’t be able to go back to that slot.


Question: Can the alarm be silenced?


Answer:    Yes. You can modify the settings for lights only alert


Question: Can you use an AC adapter with  this device?


Answer:    No. This device is battery operated


Question: How often do you have to change the batteries?


Answer:    Battery life depends on alarms settings (i.e. 2x a day, 3x a day). However, the batteries are long lasting


Question: Does the dispenser retain time/Alarm setting when changing batteries?


Answer:    When batteries are removed or changed the device will have to be reset


Question: How many different times per day can this be programmed for?


Answer:    There are rings for 1 to 6 times per day


Question: If a pill is taken late (i.e. 30 mins for an every 4 hour dose) will the dispenser reset itself?


Answer:    The dispenser rotates per the times set. If you need a delay, change the times accordingly in the App


Question: What happens when you miss the alarm? Is tthere a timeframe window or does it just go to the next alarm setting?


Answer:    The alarm will continue to sound off until the pills are out, and sends notifications to you and/or anyone else that is set up to receive notifications


Question: Where is the Pill Dispenser made?


Answer:    The Pill Dispenser is made in China


Question: What is the warranty period for this device


Answer:    The warranty period for the Pill Dispenser is 90-days

Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser

Smart Pill/Medication Dispenser

$ 21.99