Back to School: Essential Parents' Guide to Gearing Up Your Home with MOBI Products

Back to School: Essential Parents' Guide to Gearing Up Your Home with MOBI Products - MOBI USA

The back-to-school season is upon us, and we know what's on every parent's mind: preparation. Beyond the traditional school supplies, there's a range of innovative products that can help parents ensure their children's well-being and make their lives a bit easier. From health monitoring to air purification, these devices are more than just smart - they're necessary additions to your home.

Here's a rundown of the top MOBI products that will help you kick off the school year right that also come with an exciting limited-time offer!

  1. MobiCam Pro - Stay Connected

With the MobiCam Pro, you can keep an eye on your teens from anywhere in the world through your smartphone. It's a tool that can help with homework, playtime, or even keeping tabs on them when you are not home! . The high-quality video and secure connection give you peace of mind, knowing you can always stay connected.

Be alerted when your teens get back home with the motion alert and have 2 way voice communication through your Smart App.

  1. Mobi Otoscope - A Health Check at Home

Back to school means ear infections! Children’s ear issues can now be examined at home with the Mobi Otoscope. The Mobi Otoscope puts the power of early diagnosis in your hands. Check for ear infections and monitor ear health with the convenience of an at-home device.

It connects directly to your smartphone, providing clear visuals and easy-to-understand insights. No more guessing games or unnecessary doctor's visits. Send images and video to your primary care physician to get diagnosed.

  1. Mobi Air Purifier 4-in-1 - Breathe Easy

Help fight airborne viruses!! Clean air is vital for healthy living. The Mobi Air Purifier 4-in-1 ensures that your children breathe the purest air possible. Its 3-stage filtration system removes allergens, odors, and contaminants, providing a healthy environment for study and play.





  1. Mobi Scale - Track Growth and Wellness

Watching your child grow is one of the joys of parenthood. With the Mobi Scale, you can accurately monitor weight and body composition, keeping track of your child's development and ensuring they're on a healthy path.





  1. Mobi DualScan Thermometer - Quick and Accurate

Fever can strike without warning. The Mobi DualScan Thermometer offers quick and accurate temperature readings, making it a vital tool for those unexpected sick days. It's easy to use and provides readings in seconds.

All Connected Within One App

The beauty of these Mobi products lies in their connectivity. All of them are integrated within one app, making it easy to monitor and manage everything from your child's health to the air quality in their room. The convenience of having all these tools in one place adds a seamless experience to your parenting routine.

Exclusive Limited-Time Promotion

As a special back-to-school treat, we’re offering amazing discounts that you don’t want to miss:

  • Buy 2 Products, Get 5% Off
  • Buy 3 Products, Get 10% Off
  • Buy 4 Products or More, Get 20% Off


It's a golden opportunity to equip your home with these innovative products while saving some money. Remember, these offers are limited, so grab them while you can!

Conclusion: A Smarter Home for Back to School

This back-to-school season, don't just prepare your kids with pens and notebooks. Equip your home with Mobi's essential parenting items, ensuring your children's well-being and your peace of mind. With the one-app convenience and exclusive discounts, now is the perfect time to invest in the tools that will support you and your family throughout the year.

Happy shopping, and here's to a successful and healthy school year ahead!

Note: Always consult with healthcare professionals for medical advice and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the proper use of these products.

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