Making The Home Clinic A Seamless Part Of Your Everyday Health Routine

Making The Home Clinic A Seamless Part Of Your Everyday Health Routine - MOBI USA

An Interview with Dr. Carlos Augusto Curet (Ph.D.), an Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Specialist and   Research Scientist: Exploring the Benefits and Significance of Home Clinics Today. 

1.To Start, What Is Your Experience in The Medicine Field?

Dr. Carlos Curet I graduated as a Doctor from the National University   of Córdoba, Argentina, and later specialized in   Otorhinolaryngology (ENT). In 1982, I earned a Post-   Doctorate in Health Sciences from the same   University, focusing on the electrophysiology of   hearing.

 I have been a Scientist Researcher for over 20 years   at the Faculty of Medicine in Córdoba, achieving the   highest researcher rank. I undertook fellowships in   Otology in France at the University of Bordeaux II and in the US at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles, USA. I progressed to becoming a Professor and Chairman of the ENT department at the National University of Córdoba and directed the COAT (High Technology Ota-Audiological Center).

 I've been a pioneer in Cochlear Implants in Argentina since 1988. Now based in the US, I conduct telemedicine with patients in Argentina and teach at the University of Miami to Doctors Specialists in ORL from LATAM. I hold equivalent MD-PhD titles and am a specialist in ENT. I have extensively published articles in magazines and books and continue participating in ENT conferences.

2. Could You Please Explain to Us What Is a MOBI Home Clinic and Why Is It Important?

The “MOBI Home Clinic" refers to having basic medical supplies and equipment at home. It's beneficial and highly advised to individuals and families for:

  • Quick Medical Access: Address minor or emergencies promptly, especially when immediate medical facilities aren't accessible.
  • Prevention & Monitoring: Tools like thermometers, blood pressure monitors, glucometers (for those under treatment), and pulse oximeters enable regular health tracking, essential for disease prevention and management.
  • Safety: Basic supplies, like first-aid kits or SOS Emergency Alert Button, ensure immediate treatment and response for minor injuries or emergencies.
  • Convenience: It benefits older adults or those with limited mobility.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces frequent medical center visits, saving on costs and time – as "time is money."
  • Self-Care Autonomy: Empowers individuals to monitor and manage their health proactively.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Essential medical supplies are invaluable during emergencies, like natural disasters or pandemics.

MOBI Home Clinic doesn't replace professional medical care; it's for routine checks and first aid. Always consult a healthcare professional for severe or unknown issues, and a physician should also guide equipment selection to ensure safety and appropriateness. 

Mobi Home Clinic

Here are some clear examples of why this is beneficial and recommended: 

Why is monitoring blood pressure important? Imagine you have a headache, feel agitated, or lethargic. Perhaps you've had a stressful day or are already being treated for hypertension. To assess your current state, monitoring helps in early diagnosis to see if your blood pressure is normal, too high, or too low; that's why having a Blood Pressure such as Mobi Smart Blood Pressure could help you deal with the condition. If it's off, primary care, often through telemedicine, can provide guidance prescriptions or direct you to an urgent care facility. 

Another example is when people get exposed to cold or potentially contagious environments where respiratory viruses are present, symptoms might include a sore throat, nasal congestion, unusual secretions, or earaches. It'd be helpful to check your temperature using the Mobi Smart Dual Scan Thermometer and examine your throat, nose, or ears. You could identify symptoms like a red throat, blocked nose, or ear obstruction. Using an otoscope, such as Mobi E.N.T Otoscope, you can examine yourself and even take a photo or video of he affected area. Virtual telemedicine consultations allow you to share this with your primary care doctor or specialist. 

3. Regarding Accessibility, How Do You See the Role of Telemedicine These Days?


As an otolaryngologist with broad medical experience, I've embraced the rise of Telemedicine, facilitating online consultations via phone or video. Known as ‘Tele Doc’, this method addresses patients' time and distance challenges, often reducing healthcare costs. While not replacing in-person visits for intricate cases, its use is growing across specialties. 

I integrate Telemedicine bi-weekly in my practice and for urgent patient queries outside regular hours. It gives patients and caregivers easy access to follow-ups, initial treatments, and prescriptions. With Telemedicine, Doctors can remotely review a patient's clinical history and even access CT or MRI scans, ensuring thorough information exchange for real-time patient understanding. That's why a Mobi Home Clinic enables patients to convey various conditions to their doctors, allowing us to address these issues more effectively through Telemedicine. 

Here are some insights into the realm of telemedicine and its potential for growth and problem-solving:

Steady Growth: Telemedicine has seen notable expansion recently, with trends indicating continued growth. It's attributed to technological adoption, the need for medical access in remote areas or emergencies, and patient convenience.

Enhanced Medical Access: Telemedicine grants individuals’ consultations regardless of location, benefiting those in densely populated cities and areas with limited medical services.

Public Health Solutions: It proved invaluable during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic by offering care without exposing patients or staff to contagion risks.

Chronic Disease Monitoring: It enables efficient tracking of chronic illness patients, allowing them to share vital data facilitating long-term condition management.

Cost Efficiency: Telemedicine can cut costs by removing the need for physical clinic visits and optimizing healthcare professionals' time.

Collaborative Opportunities: It fosters collaboration among healthcare professionals, allowing for consultations between doctors across regions or countries enhancing patient care quality.

Progress in these areas has been accelerated by the “COVID-19 pandemic” and its aftermath. As I mentioned earlier, in-person consultations and physical examinations are necessary in complex or severe situations and surgical cases. However, telemedicine offers numerous opportunities to enhance healthcare, expand health service access, and address public health issues.

4. Do You Believe That MOBI Home Clinic Setup Home Can Assist Doctors in Addressing Patients' Medical Concerns and Guiding Them on Best Practices? 

Implementing MOBI Home Clinic can be invaluable for primary care or family physicians and specialists. Here's a concise breakdown of the reasons why this can help anyone: 

Chronic and Acute Patient Monitoring: Doctors can advise patients on using home tracking devices, allowing continuous monitoring of vital signs and early problem detection. For instance, cardiologists might recommend using a home blood pressure monitor. At the same time, a clinician can suggest a patient with viral symptoms use a pulse oximeter such as the Mobi Smart Fingertip Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter to monitor oxygen saturation and heart rate. There's also the possibility of using a digital otoscope for ear examinations. 

            Mobi Smart Blood Pressure  Mobi Smart Oximeter

Tele-consultations and Diagnostics:Having essential medical equipment at home enhances tele-consultations. Doctors can instruct patients on basic assessments, like using a digital thermometer or Mobi Smart Blood Pressure, aiding in initial diagnosis and medical decision-making.

Post-operative Monitoring:This is becoming prevalent, as post-surgery patients often need close monitoring. A Home Clinic allows patients to conduct regular checks, like measuring blood pressure, and share data with their doctors. With the Mobi Smart App, patients can share direct information with their doctors, helping to reduce the need for frequent in-person visits.

Education and Self-care:Doctors can guide patients on using home medical devices properly and teach physiotherapy techniques and rehabilitation exercises.

Urgent Care Differentiation: Distinguishing between emergencies (life-threatening) and urgencies (non-life-threatening) is crucial. In urgent situations, like home accidents or initial symptoms of sickness, a well-equipped kit of Health Essentials such as the Mobi Connect or other Mobi Health Essentials devicesDoctors can advise on what should be in the kit and basic first-aid application.

Health Promotion: The Home Clinic allows doctors to advise on healthy living habits, such as diet and exercise, and monitoring progress using home devices.

In short, a MOBI Home Clinic offers patients comprehensive care, monitoring, and education opportunities, making it a cornerstone for modern medical care. It effectively extends traditional medical care, allowing doctors to advise patients more precisely, monitor their health, and promote self-care all in a single easy to use App.

There is a growing awareness, as patients are becoming interested, but it's essential to teach them clearly, straightforwardly, and instructively. However, this guidance must be provided responsibly and under the direction of a healthcare professional to ensure the proper use of home devices and maintain safety and quality of care. 

5. We'd Like to Understand: How Can MOBI Devices Enhance the Field of Medicine?

This is a great question! - In a telemedicine setting, these devices are crucial. Doctors can instruct patients to take accurate measurements at home and share real-time results. It enables quicker diagnoses and real-time data-driven treatments. Patients with chronic illnesses like hypertension benefit from consistent home monitoring of their vital symptoms. MOBI Devices let patients and doctors track these symptoms effectively and make informed decisions on condition management. The MOBI E.N.T Otoscope is particularly helpful for ear examinations, aiding in early diagnoses of ear infections and related issues, crucial for timely treatment. 

In emergencies, these devices are valuable, be it monitoring fever, checking oxygen saturation during acute respiratory issues, or measuring blood pressure during distress. It helps in determining abnormal values quickly.

These tools improve preventive care, facilitate regular vital sign checks, and let doctors detect health issues early on, preventing complications. Educating patients on the importance of monitoring their health encourages active participation in their care.

Additionally, in scenarios where in-person visits are challenging or expensive, such as in urban areas, rural zones, or during pandemics, these devices allow remote patient monitoring without physical consultations. In short, MOBI Devices contribute to healthcare by providing accurate monitoring, early diagnosis, and effective patient tracking, all contributing to patient safety and control. They support telemedicine and remote care, aligning with modern healthcare's emphasis on personalized and active patient involvement.

6. Can You Share an Experience Where MOBI Devices Were beneficial to You?

Of course, I experienced it closely! While visiting California, a close family member fell ill with Covid. In that home, they had MOBI devices (I had brought mine, as I usually do when traveling: a stethoscope, manual blood pressure monitor, and thermometer). For five days, I had the chance to use all these devices, both theirs and mine. 

They were invaluable for monitoring and tracking the clinical progression. The MOBI Devices allowed us to check his vital signs 2 or 3 times a day. His condition improved significantly. Having a "MOBI Home Clinic" in the house was undoubtedly a relief, providing peace of mind to the patient and family reducing the anxiety and uncertainty that invariably looms. Everyone could see that the devices showed stability and then, over time, signs of improvement, leading to an entirely satisfactory recovery. I also had the opportunity to compare different brand devices (mine) and found that the MOBI ones were reliable and accurate.

7. Which Products Do You Believe Are Essential for A Complete Home Clinic Kit at Home?

 Based on my knowledge, understanding, accumulated experience, and firsthand testing of MOBI devices, I confidently list the following as "essential and indispensable" both at home and in my clinic, especially those with Smart Bluetooth technology controlled via the MOBI App on a smartphone:

Air Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer:A "reliable" digital thermometer. Various brands and models are on the market, but after comparing them, I've noticed variations. Not all are accurate and trustworthy. I want to mention that the MOBI Smart Bluetooth Ear + Forehead "Dual Scan Thermometer" is my favorite. 

Smart Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. 

Smart Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor: An automatic blood pressure monitor for measuring blood pressure and heart rate and monitoring cardiac arrhythmias. 

Smart Pill Dispenser to manage medication regimen. 

Smart Wi-Fi Otoscope.

SOS Emergency Alert Button for security and emergencies 



    Smart Blood Pressure   Smart Otoscope E.N.T


Smart Scale  Mobi Pill Dispenser Mobi SOS Emergency Alert Button


MOBI products, which include a blood pressure monitor, thermometer, otoscope, and pulse oximeter, can significantly contribute to healthcare in various ways:

1. Monitoring of vital signs

2. Telemedicine

3. Tracking and controlling diseases or conditions

4. Assisting in earlier or daily diagnosis

5. Reducing in-person visits to health centers

6. Advising and helping to prevent illness.

7. Sending notifications to family members or emergency services 

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