10-Piece Speculum Set for Use with MOBI Smart Bluetooth Otoscope - Professional Grade Accessories for Ear, Nose, and Throat Examination

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All You Need to Know About the 10 Piece Speculum Kit (Otoscope)

This 10-piece kit was designed to work with the MOBI Smart Wi-Fi Otoscope. Speculums are small, cone-shaped attachments that are used with otoscopes to examine the ears, nose, and throat. Specifically, when used with an otoscope, speculums are used to help visualize the eardrum and the ear canal. The speculum is inserted into the ear canal, and the otoscope is used to illuminate the area, making it easier for the healthcare provider to examine the ear canal and eardrum. Different sizes of speculums can be used depending on the size of the patient's ear canal, and the shape and size of the speculum can vary depending on the type of otoscope being used. Speculums for otoscopes are important tools that help healthcare providers visualize the ear canal and eardrum, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of various ear conditions.

Product Includes

10 individual speculums