Air Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer

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Measure temperature non-intrusively in a snap with the MOBI Air Non-Contact Digital Forehead thermometer. No spreading germs, no disturbing loved ones, no hassle.

The Air Non-Contact thermometer offers an intrusive-free ability to check the temperature of your loved ones in 1 second without touching them. Designed with an integrated distance sensor to provide positioning guidance to allow fast and accurate readings every time without the possibility of spreading germs and disturbing your loved ones while they are resting. This MOBI product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

Key Features
  • COLOR FEVER INDICATOR LIGHTS - Enhanced caregiver support: Color fever indicator lights are especially valuable for caregivers, such as parents or healthcare professionals, who need to monitor the temperature of others. These lights provide an instant visual indication of a fever, allowing caregivers to quickly assess the situation and provide necessary care or interventions. The color-coded system eliminates the need for constant monitoring or interpretation of numerical values, making it easier for caregivers to identify and respond to fever symptoms promptly.
  • 3-IN-1 FOREHEAD, FOOD & ROOM THERMOMETER - Hygienic and non-invasive forehead temperature measurement, by simply placing the thermometer on the forehead, users can obtain an accurate reading without the need for direct contact or invasive methods such as oral or rectal measurements. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring body temperature in infants, children, or individuals who may be sensitive to traditional temperature measurement methods.
  • FOOD SAFETY AND TEMPERATURE - The ability to measure food temperature ensures food safety and proper cooking or storage conditions. Users can easily check the temperature of cooked food, liquids, or even baby bottles to ensure they are within the safe temperature range. This helps prevent foodborne illnesses caused by undercooked or improperly stored food. The food temperature measurement feature is valuable for both home cooks and professionals in the food industry.
  • MEMORY RECALL UP TO 20 READINGS - Sharing information with healthcare providers, the ability to recall multiple readings supports effective communication with healthcare providers. Users can share their thermometer's stored data, including multiple temperature readings, with healthcare professionals. This enables accurate and detailed reporting, helping healthcare providers assess the progression of symptoms, evaluate treatment effectiveness, or make informed decisions regarding medical interventions. It facilitates a collaborative approach to healthcare and enhances the accuracy and reliability of information shared during medical consultations.
  • AUTO SHUTDOWN - User convenience and ease of use, the automatic shutdown feature enhances user convenience and ease of use. Users do not have to worry about manually turning off the thermometer after each use, as it will automatically power down after a specified period of inactivity. This eliminates the need for additional steps or remembering to turn off the device, making the thermometer more user-friendly and intuitive to use.