Blood Pressure Monitor and Ultra Pulse Thermometer Bundle

Sale price$ 44.99

Includes 1 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor and 1 DualScan Ultra Pulse Thermometer

Experience hassle-free blood pressure monitoring with the MOBI Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. Its one-touch setup ensures quick and easy installation, allowing you to check your blood pressure anytime, anywhere. Gain comprehensive insight into your cardiovascular health with accurate measurements of systolic and diastolic pressures, pulse rate, and arrhythmia indicators. Stay informed with the hypertension light indicator, which alerts you to high blood pressure, monitors pulse rate, and detects irregular heartbeats. The extra-large LCD display presents clear readings of systolic, diastolic, and pulse information, as well as the current date and time. Choose between battery-powered operation with 4xAAA batteries or use the optional AC adapter port for versatile power options. The device also stores up to 120 readings in its memory storage, along with a hypertension indicator for high blood pressure monitoring. Additionally, the Ultra Pulse Digital Thermometer included in this combo offers a multitude of features beyond temperature readings. From room temperature monitoring to color fever indicators, voice readouts in multiple languages, and a built-in flashlight, this thermometer is perfect for monitoring the health of babies, kids, adults, and seniors alike. Simultaneously track body temperature and heart rate with its fingertip pulse rate monitor, and utilize its memory recall function to track temperature trends over time, making it an essential tool for comprehensive health monitoring.

Key Features

  • Quick Setup: Setting up the MOBI Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is simple and convenient. With the one-touch setup, monitor your blood pressure hassle-free anytime.
  • Accurate Measurements: Gain comprehensive insight into your cardiovascular well-being through precise readings encompassing Systolic and Diastolic pressures, Pulse information, and an Arrhythmia Indicator.
  • Memory Storage: The device integrates a 2-group memory storage capable of saving up to 120 readings, along with a hypertension indicator for high blood pressure.
  • Versatile with 10+ Features: Featured packed thermometer that is versatile for multiple types of uses beyond ear & forehead temperature readings. Room temperature, Color Fever Indicators, Time Stamps, Voice readouts in English, Spanish & French. Built-in flashlights, fingertip pulse rate monitor & so much more! Great for baby, kids, adults & seniors as well as room, food, baby bottle, object and liquid temperature!
  • Pulse Rate Monitor - Incorporating a fingertip pulse rate monitor in a thermometer allows for simultaneous tracking of body temperature and heart rate, enabling comprehensive health monitoring in one device.