MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer

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The MOBI Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer offers an intrusive-free ability to check the temperature of your loved ones in 1 second without contact.

MOBI introduces Advanced Dual Technology in Health! The MOBI Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer offers an intrusive-free ability to check the temperature of your loved ones in 1 second without contact. It allows you to have a fast and highly accurate reading without the possibility of spreading germs and disturbing them while they are resting. We utilize infrared technology and a high-quality German-made sensor for precise temperature readings. An additional feature of this thermometer is that it will display a Diagnostic LCD Fever Indicator to notify users whether temperature readings indicate a possible fever or rising body temperatures. Not only does this advanced thermometer read your body temperature, but it also has the capability to measure food and object, and room ambient temperatures by easily switching modes. FSA and HSA eligible. This MOBI product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

Key Features
  • NON-CONTACT - MOBI’s specially designed sensor measures temperature from up to 2 inches away without contact. Thermometer is hygienic with no probes required for use
  • BABY TEMPERATURE MONITOR - Is your little one getting sick? Check their temperature frequently with MOBI’s Infrared Body Thermometer. Results appear within one second of use. Thermometer runs on 2 AAA batteries which are included
  • EASY TO USE - MOBI’s digital thermometer is easy to use and provides fast and accurate readings without the possibility of spreading germs. Distance allows you to check your loved one’s temperature during rest as well
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY - Large, easy to read LCD screen with backlit display offers accurate readings which are easy to see. Color coded normal and high fever indicator readings as well. Readings are provided in both Fahrenheit and Celsius mode
  • FOOD & ROOM TEMPERATURE - Monitor baby’s bottle temperature, or any food temps with MOBI’s Infrared Thermometer. Measure food and liquid, scan bath water, and check the temp in any room. Device comes equipped with auto shutdown mode and holds a memory recall of the last 50 readouts

Ensuring the health of your family starts with monitoring their temperature


Fasts Results In 1 Second

MOBI Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer: Quick & Germ-Free Temperature Checks

The MOBI Non-Contact Digital Forehead thermometer offers a non-intrusive ability to check temperatures from a safe distance in just 1 second, without the need for physical contact. It allows for fast and accurate readings without the risk of spreading germs or disturbing individuals while they are resting.


Peace of Mind

MOBI Infrared Thermometer

MOBI's non-contact sensor allows temperature measurement from up to 2 inches away, ensuring hygiene without the need for probes. Keep track of your baby's temperature instantly with MOBI's Infrared Body Thermometer, delivering results within 1 second. With its large, backlit LCD display and easy operation, MOBI's digital thermometer provides fast, germ-free readings, perfect for checking loved ones' temperatures even during rest.

The Vibrant Fever Indicator

Three Color Backlight

The MOBI Non-Contact Thermometer, with three different color-changing displays, is designed for effortless temperature monitoring, while its sleek design ensures both comfort and accuracy.

 Green (Normal): 95.9°F – 99.1°F (35.5°C – 37.3°C)
 Yellow (Mild Fever): 99.3°F – 100.4°F (37.4°C – 38.0°C)
 Red (Fever): 100.6°F – 109.2°F (38.1°C – 42.9°C)