MOBI Home Clinic - Starter Kit (3 Piece)

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Boost your health monitoring with our advanced devices: the Smart Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor for crucial cardiovascular data; the Pulse Oximeter to assess oxygen levels and heart rate; and the DualScan Thermometer for precise temperature readings. Each device is designed for user-friendliness and precision. Their sleek designs ensure comfort while capturing accurate data. With real-time alerts and trends, you're empowered to take charge of your health journey. The syncing capability with the MOBI Smart app makes it easier than ever to share findings with healthcare professionals. Battery longevity and easy maintenance add to the convenience, making your health tracking consistent and reliable. Additionally, the intuitive interface of the app provides actionable insights for better health decisions. They're all smoothly integrated with the MOBI Smart app, offering a consolidated view of your health metrics. Use these products on their own or with our free app to monitor vital data. FREE SHIPPING!

Kit Includes

1 Smart Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

1 Smart Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

1 Smart DualScan Bluetooth Thermometer