MOBI Home Clinic - Deluxe Kit (4 Piece)

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Discover the future of health monitoring with our elite range of devices. The Smart Wi-Fi Otoscope offers unparalleled views of the inner ear, ensuring early detection of potential concerns. By leveraging the power of modern technology, we bring clinical-grade accuracy to the comfort of your home. Our suite of products is designed to offer comprehensive health tracking, making proactive care easier than ever. Elevate your cardiovascular insights with the Smart Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, and stay informed about your oxygen levels and pulse rate using the Smart Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter. Don't miss out on the Smart DualScan Bluetooth Thermometer for accurate, dual-method temperature readings. Every device is optimized for detailed health metrics, ensuring you're always informed about your well-being. They all integrate flawlessly with the MOBI Smart app, ensuring all your data is in one place, at your fingertips. You can use these products independently or with our free MOBI Smart app to track your vital data. FREE SHIPPING!

Kit Includes

1 Smart Wi-Fi Otoscope

1 Smart Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

1 Smart Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter

1 Smart DualScan Bluetooth Thermometer